Lowell Stahl Center For Entrepreneurship & Real Estate

Faculty Scholarly Initiative Program

Review Process for Proposals

Review Criteria

Consistent with the Mission of Lewis University, and the specific Mission and Goals of the Stahl Center, proposals are reviewed as follows:

Stage 1: Assessment by the Director of the Stahl Center
  • Completeness with respect to specified proposal requirements
  • Relevance to issues related to entrepreneurship, as broadly defined
  • Eligibility of primary investigator/project coordinator
Stage 2: Assessment by the review panel
  • Potential to advance knowledge or dissemination of knowledge related to entrepreneurship
  • Ability of the research/project/initiative to advance Stahl Center goals
  • Intellectual merit; logical well-thought out purpose and methodology; quality of scholarship; conformity to the accepted canons of the field
  • Qualifications to conduct the research, or coordinate an initiative
  • Feasibility of the research/project/initiative
  • Well-focused and appropriately sized (pilot projects or first-stage initiatives are welcomed)
  • Budget and timeline are reasonable and appropriate
  • Benefits to the Lewis community
  • Project outcomes or goals
  • Impact of results from proposal; ability to lead to new growth or knowledge in the areas of research, education and/or community outreach
  • Business ventures, research/projects/initiatives by faculty that involve students are strongly encouraged. Preference in weighting of the initiatives will be given to those that involve students.
Stage 3: Recommendations to the Provost
  • The director will convey the review panel's final ranking of proposals and funding recommendations to the Provost who will approve the funds.
Funding awards range from $100 to $3,000 (renewable for three terms). Funding categories include: (a) reimbursement for equipment and supplies, (b) stipends, and (c) research assistant salary.

Equipment and supplies:
Payment for supplies and equipment may be made in one of two ways: (a) reimbursement may be provided following the submission of original receipts for approved expenses, or (b) equipment and supplies may be ordered through the University with a completed purchase order using the established University processes.

If requesting a faculty stipend, provide justification for the stipend, documentation of how this work is different from faculty workload, and estimated time to complete the research/project/initiative. Payment for stipends will be made through the established University payroll process and will be taxed appropriately. Payment for stipends will be as follows: 20% at the beginning of the research/project/initiative, 80% upon completion and submission of a summary report of the project (see Form B).

Student research assistants:
A limited amount of funding is available for student research assistants (see Form C). Disbursements should not be made as prepayments. Separate account numbers can be established for each award granted. All funds issued to any individual are subject to IRS 1099 reporting.

Research/Project/Initiative Expenses
Only approved project expenses will be reimbursed. Any modifications to the initial proposal budget must be approved by the review panel. To request a modification, the principal researcher or coordinator of the project/initiative will submit an addendum to the proposal with cover letter explaining the change(s) and related rationale. Any expense change(s) must be approved before reimbursement will be provided. Written notification of the panel's decision will be sent to the principal researcher or project/initiative coordinator.

Progress reports must be submitted at the end of each term and/or at the conclusion of the entrepreneurial initiative, whichever occurs first. A summary of the outcomes of the initiative, and how they relate to the goals of the Stahl Center, must be submitted at its conclusion (see Form B). We also ask award recipients to present their work during Entrepreneurship Week in November.

Publications resulting from the grant must acknowledge the support from the Stahl Center as described in the award letter. The investigator will provide the Stahl Center with a reprint of any articles published.

A limited amount of funding may be available for the presenter of the research/project/initiative funded through the Stahl Center (see Form D). Faculty should apply for Faculty Development funds before applying for Stahl Center funds.


Questions and Proposal Submissions:
Kristin Burton
Director, Stahl Center

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