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Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Professional Development Seminar Certificates
The Professional Development Weekend Seminars are open to the public, and designed for anyone interested in broadening their knowledge base and learning the best practices of their selected field. Seminars may be taken individually, or towards a certificate. Each seminar will be worth 1 credit hour. To earn a certificate, you must complete five seminars in the certificate's track. Each weekend seminar typically consists of a Friday Evening (6-9 PM) and Saturday (9AM-4PM) meeting.

Please Note: Seminar courses may be used as elective credit in ANY undergraduate major.

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As a current student - contact your advisor.
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Professional Development Seminar Certificate in Entrepreneurship
The following four (4) courses are required:
  • Entrepreneurship: Skills & Strategies (1hr)
    An introduction to entrepreneurship, this seminar will focus on developing entrepreneurial thinking skills. The application of critical thinking skills and the identification of viable entrepreneurial concepts will be explored. We will then focus on developing entrepreneurial venture strategies. This involves learning how to identify a new venture's market niche, defining a business strategy, and determining when to launch the venture. Venture capital and financing issues will be explored. Identification and evaluation of various types of entrepreneurial opportunities including e-commerce will be addressed. A final project is required for academic credit.
  • International Entrepreneurship (1hr)
    Entrepreneurship offers unusual career opportunities in today's increasingly complex, global business environment. This seminar explores the world of Entrepreneurship. What is Entrepreneurship? What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? What are some of the myths about entrepreneurs? How do entrepreneurs get started? Where are some opportunities for entrepreneurs today? This seminar features entrepreneurs from different industries. It is designed for those interested in learning about Entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial Finance (1hr)
    This seminar will introduce the student to the many stages of capital formation for new businesses. Special emphasis will be placed on the venture capital process and the initial public offering. Also included will be small case studies on how to value a closely held business and the special risks facing such organizations.
  • Creating a Business Plan (1hr)
    Getting started on a business plan can be a daunting task. Without past experience in writing business plans, the process might seem impossible to manage. That’s why, as a part of the Business Plan Competition the Stahl Center will host a Business Plan workshop to provide insight, advice and guidance on preparing an impressive business plan.
Please select one (1) Elective course from the options below:
  • Business Plan Competition (1hr)
    Writing a business plan is the first key step in translating a great idea into a great business. A business plan is a blueprint entrepreneurs use to address the uncertainties surrounding the decisions investors make to evaluate the venture’s potential. The Stahl Business Plan Competition is a campus-wide competition that awards prize money for students who have best outlined a new venture and exemplified the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • International Business Negotiation (1hr)
    Learn about how to negotiate across national cultures! In this seminar, students will learn about basic negotiation skills, acquire new knowledge about some of the most important national cultures around the world, find out about how different countries negotiate, and learn how to negotiate with their foreign counterparts. Open to all students and recommended for all International Business and Contemporary Global Studies majors.
  • Determining the Best Form of Business Ownership (1hr)
    This seminar will give an overview of the characteristics of various types of Business entities, examine each entity both from a legal and tax viewpoint, and review each entity from formation through operation to dissolution. At the end of this seminar, students will be able to determine various entity formation issues and analyze the pros and cons of each form of entity.