College of Business

Rules and Legal Issues

Any team with at least one active member who is a degree-candidate student of Lewis University (graduate or undergraduate) may enter. A degree-candidate is expected to have played a significant role in conceiving the venture and hold a key management role in the venture. Entries where outsiders are using Lewis University students primarily as a vehicle to participate in the Stahl Business Plan Competition are not permitted.

A degree-candidate student at Lewis University must serve as the team leader, must be actively involved in the business venture, and be a primary presenter in the final round. There is no limit as to the maximum or minimum number of people on each team. Individual students may enter. An individual may participate on more than one team and/or submit more than one proposal.

Acceptable Business Plans
Conventional and non-conventional plans are eligible for the competition, including, but not limited to:
  • New venture/new business
  • Merger or acquisition, including leveraged buyouts, which will lead to a turnaround, roll-up, or some other significant change that adds value to the current business
  • Joint venture, alliance or network-based business (e.g., create new entity from current enterprises)
The Stahl Center for Entrepreneurship reserves the right to reject any business plan for reasons including, but not limited to:
  • Deemed to be plagiarized from the internet
  • Violates any local, state or national law
  • Does not present sufficient content or material appropriate to send to judges for evaluation and feedback.
A team is not eligible to submit a business plan that was previously awarded a prize in the Stahl Business Plan Competition.

The Stahl Center for Entrepreneurship honors the confidentiality of all participants' business concepts and plans. Business concepts, overviews and plans will not be copied for any purposes other than use in the competition. The judges also recognize the sensitivity of the materials being presented.

Teams may choose to include the following optional disclaimer on the cover sheet of their submissions, recognizing that it is not a legally binding agreement:

This business plan is confidential and is presented solely for the purpose of evaluation in the Stahl Business Plan Competition. This plan may not be reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part. By accepting a copy of this plan, the recipient agrees not to reproduce or disclose the contents of this plan to third parties without the prior written consent of its authors.