College of Business

Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

The College of Business takes a two-pronged approach to providing the greatest depth and breadth of internship opportunities for our students.

On one hand Ms. Laura Paley, Employment Outreach & Development Coordinator, proactively seeks out internship opportunities with local, regional and national companies.  She develops relationships with these companies, invites them to campus, promotes their internship opportunities, and counsels them on adhering to Internship guidelines according to the Department Of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act.

Ms. Paley also advises students during the application and interview process, giving students the greatest opportunity of obtaining the internships they want and desire. 

Ms. Paley is a direct conduit to Lewis University Career Services where students can obtain extensive support with resume writing, interviewing skills, career guidance, and job placement.

On the other hand, Mr. Robert Bergman, Internship Director, provides advising to students for obtaining academic credit for their internship.

As an academic professor and a seasoned business professional. Mr. Bergman helps students choose the right internships to match their career goals.

To receive academic credit, students are required to work a minimum of 200 hours in their internship (over one or two semesters) and meet goals discussed by the student and the internship provider.

Internships are offered during the fall, spring and summer sessions.

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