College of Business

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Mark Nolan
Name: Dr. Mark Nolan
Title: Assistant Professor

Office Location: Albuquerque Location
Phone: (505) 255-3947

Ph.D. (Business Administration), New Mexico State University, 2001
MBA (Planning), University of New Mexico, 1986
BBA (Accounting), University of New Mexico, 1978

Mark Nolan is an Associate Professor of Business Administration and directs business programs at the Albuquerque Location.  His teaching interests include management, organizational behavior and development, strategy, and business ethics. Building on his dissertation research, he incorporates elements of Catholic Social Thought into his courses.  Current interests include small batch enterprises and crowdfunding.  Before coming to Lewis University, he had 10 years of academic experience at St. Bonaventure University and Seton Hill University, and 20 years of employment in budgeting and reporting in the electric utility, government, and healthcare industries.