College of Business

Connect to our virtual machines to complete assignments from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Lewis’ VMware CloudLab allows students to complete hands-on programming, ethical hacking, computer forensics and database management assignments and coursework from anywhere in the world.

Newly Re-designed Lab Architecture
Recently upgraded with a generous $30,000 grant from the Department of Defense, the newly designed CloudLab can now support 100 simultaneous online users.

Academic Applications
College of Business faculty currently use the CloudLab to teach courses in computer forensics, business programming, database management, project management and ethical hacking:

Computer Forensics
Hands-on assignments with AccessData’s computer forensic applications such as FTK5, Registry Viewer and PRTK

Lewis students can use the CloudLab for high-speed trading simulations via Telemet Orion software

Information Security
  • Linux Kali lab provides access to many of the IDS and Linux tools used in the Information Security industry
  • Honeypot Lab contains honeypot software to gather information regarding an attacker or intruder
Information Security and Risk Assessment
Nessus lab identifies vulnerabilities, threats and risk analysis assessments

Mobile Phone Forensics
Hands-on assignments with Mobile Phone Examiner Plus

Community College/High School Student Access
In line with our Lasallian tradition, our Cloudlab is also available to community college and high school students who want to experiment with the latest information technology and security software applications.