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International Business Concentration

International Accounting Concentration

The International Business major offered by the College of Business is an interdisciplinary degree developed through collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business. The College of Arts and Sciences degree offered is Contemporary Global Studies.

The two College of Business concentrations are International Business and International Accounting. They have been designed to help students acquire the international business and cross-cultural communication skills and knowledge they will need to be successful international business managers and to be better prepared for leadership roles in organizations operating in the rapidly changing international business environment. Students have the opportunity to participate in different international experiences and to improve their cross-cultural communication and management skills. Computer and technology skills are integrated into the curriculum through case studies, independent research, seminars, and lectures.

Students preparing for professional careers in business, government, and education, for example, can learn more about the effects of history and culture on the behavior and structure of political, financial, and economic institutions around the world. The effects of political and international trade relationships and the impacts of globalization on human rights, the environment, international trade, nationalism, and investment are also explored.

Other features of the program include:

International internships in the US or in other countries

Study abroad opportunities in Ireland, England, Mexico, and other countries

Opportunities to improve or learn a new foreign language and improve communication skills

Majors in International Business concentration and Accounting concentration may wish to take a minor in History for College of Business Majors and/or a minor in Political Science for College of Business Majors.