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Over the years, human services in the United States have evolved into a network of programs and agencies that provide an array of services to millions of people in need. For those who desire to help others in need, the Social Work and Human Services major offers five tracks (specializations) of study which prepare students for entry level positions in the human services and/or preparation for graduate school. The five specific tracks of study include:

Specialization A: Social Work

Specialization B: Crisis Intervention

Specialization C: Child and Family Welfare

Specialization D: Community Organization

Specialization E: Aging Adults: The Family and Society

The bachelor of arts degree with a major in Social Work and Human Services provides students with courses that have a comprehensive theoretical base, a professional value base and a practical skills base. In their senior year, students also receive professional experience in the human services during their semester internship.

Social Work and Human Services majors will be prepared for graduate study and/or professional entry-level positions in the following settings: health care, mental health, child and family welfare, public welfare, corrections, community groups, substance abuse or domestic violence agencies, youth programs, senior citizens programs, homeless shelters, crisis prevention and intervention. Students are prepared to work with people who represent a diversity of cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual issues.