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Objectives of the Foreign Language Program The Foreign Language Program offers students an opportunity to study a variety of foreign languages, including more commonly taught languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, and German and less commonly taught languages and critical languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, Hindi, and Russian. In addition, the program offers language courses for people with specialized reasons for language study such as Spanish for Nurses, Teachers, or Law Enforcement Officers, as well as formal language instruction for heritage speakers. Language offerings vary depending on studentsí interest and demand.

Classes in Spanish are conducted in conventional teacher-fronted settings that include opportunities for small-group learning. Maximum enrollment in Spanish classes is 25 students. Courses in less commonly taught and critical languages use a tutorial-based model of instruction. These classes typically have 4 students in each section and are scheduled by arrangement. Language tutorials are conducted by language mentors, either native or near-native speakers of the language.

The philosophy of the Lewis University Language Program stresses immediate practical language skills and communication. Emphasis is on how to use the language in culturally appropriate ways rather than simply learning facts about the language. Very little English is used. Each foreign language course carries 3 semester hours of credit.

Students are encouraged to carefully select the language of study and to consider taking one of the less frequently taught critical languages, the knowledge of which is especially valued today and may considerably enhance the value of their bachelorís and masterís degrees.