Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

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The field of Management Information Systems (MIS) focuses on the application of computer technology specifically to the organizational and managerial needs in a business setting. The MIS curriculum provides a solid background in the technical fundamentals of computing, including computer programming, systems analysis, database management, and network - architecture administration. It also provides the essential business and management training that the traditional business core courses deliver. The justification for this dual focus lies in the mission of MIS: to train future professionals to apply their practical knowledge of how to assemble, use and maintain integrated computer-based solutions that enable organizations to compete more successfully in the global marketplace. The solid business background provided by the MIS curriculum helps MIS graduates fill project management roles later in their careers.

Management Information Systems (MIS) majors learn to use and apply computer hardware and software, databases, programming and the systems approach in order to manage information, analyze business problems and develop solutions.

The Lewis Management Information Systems curriculum prepares majors for careers as information systems analysts, systems designers, microcomputer experts, database analysts, programmers and managers.