Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

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The Criminal/Social Justice Program is within the Department of Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies. It offers a bachelor of arts degree that educates future professionals in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, federal agency and private security. The bachelor of arts degree in Criminal/Social Justice for the sworn professional provides an opportunity for advancement and promotion.

The Private Security/Loss Prevention Management Bachelor of Arts degree educates future or current professionals in the areas of risk management, architectural design, public relations, and investigation.

Forensic Criminal Investigation is a specialty vocation in law enforcement. This program provides appropriate curriculum and education to prepare students for the complexities of forensic criminal investigation.

The degree offerings in Criminal/Social Justice are at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels. The coursework integrates the social sciences, the behavioral sciences and the humanities with professional courses, such as drug abuse, legal issues and overcrowding in both courts and prisons. The curriculum emphasizes the foundations and the workings of those institutions in society charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing systematic responses to social problems. Similarly, the curriculum is a study of the manner in which such institutions both provide justice and satisfy the needs of society.

Transfer students to Lewis University who major in Criminal/Social Justice should examine major course requirements in the appropriate track. A course title might have significantly different meaning and content at another college or university. Most transfer students with an associate’s degree can complete the major in two years at Lewis.

Departmental counselors are available each semester to ensure students’ progress through the program. The Criminal/Social Justice degree consists of 128 credit hours of study, with 39 of those hours in the major. Thirty-three of those major hours are requirements, and the remaining six credit hours are electives. A minor in Criminal/Social Justice is offered as well. the minor consists of 21 hours of required coursework. 

In the Criminal/Social Justice major, sworn officers currently working in the field may receive a maximum of 21 credit hours for “life experience.” For sworn officers who have successfully completed a professionally accredited Training Academy Program, 9 semester hours may be awarded for academy experience. (For additional information, contact the Criminal/Social Justice Program Chair.)