Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

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The foreign language program at Lewis University offers students an opportunity to study a variety of foreign languages, including more commonly taught languages like Spanish, Italian, French, and German and less commonly taught languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian. Students are encouraged to consider taking one of the less frequently taught “critical” languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, the knowledge of which is especially important today and may considerably enhance the value of their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. All courses carry three semester hours of credit.

Classes in Spanish are conducted in conventional teacher-fronted settings combined with small group activity. The maximum enrollment in Spanish is 20 students. Classes in less commonly taught and critical languages use a tutorial-based model of instruction with maximum enrollment of 4 students and are scheduled “by arrangement.” Language mentors, who are native or near-native speakers, conduct language tutorials. The main function of the language mentors is to serve as conversational partners.

The philosophy of Lewis University’s language program stresses immediate practical language skills. More emphasis is placed on using the language in a culturally appropriate way than on learning about the language. The focus is on communication skills (as opposed to grammar and translation). Very little English is used in class. Students must participate and communicate in every class session. They must also work independently, utilizing a textbook and/or other printed materials and specialized online resources.

Specialized language classes for professionals (e.g., nurses, teachers, police officers) and more advanced study of a language (e.g., language for heritage speakers) are also offered based on demand.

For further information contact the Coordinator of the Language Program, Dr. Serafima Gettys at gettysse@lewisu.edu