Dual Acceptance Program

Midwestern University - Chicago College of Pharmacy
Lewis University

Program Eligibility:

  1. Students must attain to minimum 3.2 GPA during their first seven semesters of high school course work.
  2. Students must have a 25 ACT composite score.
  3. > A minimum GPA of 3.2 must be maintained during your time at Lewis.
  4. A grade of “C” or higher must be obtained in all courses ( “C-“ is not acceptable).
  5. Students may not retake courses to achieve a higher grade and maintain eligibility.

Students who are interested in the program must successfully apply to Lewis University and indicate interest in the Dual Admissions Program on their application. All qualified students will be sent a second application for Midwestern University's Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP) requiring a separate application fee of $25.  This application  must be submitted to the Pre-Professional Director by the prescribed deadline (normally, February 15) and will be forwarded by the Pre-Professional Director to Midwestern University. Midwestern University will hold a separate application screening and interview process. All successful applicants will be notified of their admissions status at Midwestern University directly by Midwestern-CCP in late spring.

Students accepted into the Dual Admissions Program are required to sign a matriculation agreement and to submit a $1,000 deposit fee at the end of the first undergraduate year.

All fees are applied toward the student’s first quarter tuition at CCP. If the student does not successfully complete (or chooses to withdraw from) the program, a refund is granted (less a $150 administration fee to CCP).

Students who do not fulfill all the eligibility requirements can apply to CCP via the traditional route (i.e.: complete an application, take and submit PCAT scores, attend a Mandatory Campus Visit, etc).

General Biology I and Lab 5sh General Biology II and Lab 5sh
General Chem I and Lab 5sh General Chem II and Lab 5sh
College Writing I 3sh College Writing II 3sh
Calculus I 4sh Human Communications 3sh
ICE 1sh Psychology 3sh
TOTAL: 18 sh TOTAL: 19 sh*


Organic Chem I and Lab 5sh Organic Chem II and Lab 5sh
Physics I and Lab 5sh Biostatistics 3sh
Cultural Diversity 3sh Macroeconomics 3sh
Non-Science Elective Credit 2sh Adv.Anatomy and Physiology 3sh
100-level Theology 3sh Case Studies Lab 1sh
    Ethics 3sh
TOTAL: 18 sh TOTAL: 18 sh

* = since 19 sh exceeds the hours allowed under the tuition scale (12-18 sh), the student may either take course(s) (up to 3) at Lewis University in the summer session between the first and second year OR may pay for the extra 1 sh during the semester(s) indicated.

PLEASE NOTE: This paradigm must be followed EXACTLY to complete all pre-requisites prior to entering CCP. General education courses can be taken in any order, however absolutely NO substitutions are allowed. Any student failing to complete the courses listed in this paradigm automatically forfeit pre-admission status to CCP.