Biology B.S.

Biology Degree, Degree in Biology, BA in Biology
The study of life is the perfect preparation for yours.

Lewis Biology graduates have averaged 85% placement into their professional school of choice over the past five years.

What can I do with a Biology degree from Lewis?

A Biology degree is an excellent choice for the 21st century, with an inter-disciplinary curriculum that includes mathematics, chemistry and physics to provide you with a deep understanding of the living world around us. Your Biology degree will prepare you for career opportunities right after Lewis in healthcare, medicine and scientific research, or for grad school in a biology-related field. Learn more about your career options with a Biology degree.

Even if you're not exactly sure what you want to do after Lewis, all of our Biology degree students take a common core of classes so you're prepared to pursue any career path you find yourself drawn to. But many of our students already have a specific career in mind when they come to Lewis, and see our Biology degree program as their perfect first step.

Pre-Health Professional Programs

Our Biology degree program is the perfect pre-professional preparation for your future graduate program and health professions career.
Pre-Chiropractic (Doctoral Option)
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Pharmacy (Doctoral Option)
Pre-Podiatry (Doctoral Option)
Pre-Physician Assistant
Pre-Physical Therapy

Clinical Specialty Degrees

Take advantage of our prestigious affiliations to earn your clinical specialty bachelor's or master's degree.
3+1 Bachelor's Degrees
Diagnostic Medical Sonography, B.S.
Nuclear Medicine Technology, B.S.
Radiation Therapy, B.S.
Radiography, B.S.
Vascular Ultrasound, B.S.
3+2 Master's Degrees
Medical Laboratory Sciences, M.S.
Perfusion Technology, M.S.
Respiratory Care, M.S.

A Personal Approach to Learning
We have high expectations for our Biology degree students, but we will provide you with the individual attention and support structure to make sure you succeed. Our faculty, each whom hold the highest degrees in their field, are not only your professors, but your advisors - mentoring you through your entire time at Lewis - and often after.

Start customizing your Biology, B.S. curriculum or view a sample 4-year schedule breakdown.

Biology, B.A.
For individuals interested in a career in science but unlikely to pursue grad school after Lewis, the Biology B.A. program offers a slightly less intense math and technical curriculum.

Start customizing your Biology, B.A. curriculum or view a sample 4-year schedule breakdown.

Student Talk

  • Erika Young

    “My little brother has hydrocephalus, which is a seizure condition. From a young age, I really wanted to study and know more about what causes seizures and what happens inside the brain. That led me to Biology.”

  • Biology Degree, Degree in Biology, BA in Biology

    Peter Tanaka

    "My boss recently remarked during a neuroscience pharmacology lab experiment, 'You know, we are the first people in the world to be observing this phenomenon.' This deeply affected me - the idea that I can spend the rest of my life making small discoveries that may one day be beneficial to society."

  • Biology Degree, Degree in Biology, BA in Biology

    Cassidy Domagalla

    "Lewis helped me become a well-rounded individual, and provided me with so many more opportunities to prepare for my career path - something I couldn't truly realize until I began my graduate studies."

  • Biology Degree, Degree in Biology, BA in Biology

    Michael Pulla

    "Starting out as a first-year student, new to the biological sciences, and graduating as someone well-versed in the material feels like nothing short of a transformation. Now, in my second year of grad school, I can attest to using every bit of my Lewis education in my studies here."

  • Biology Degree, Degree in Biology, BA in Biology

    Michael Bradaric

    "At Lewis, I had the one-on-one access to professors that is so important when trying to understand complicated biological concepts. After Lewis, I picked grad school over pharmacy school and now have my PhD in Pharmacology."

  • Biology Degree, Degree in Biology, BA in Biology

    Brian J. Jerszynski

    "With my double major in Biology and Chemistry, along with my MBA from Lewis, I am well prepared to provide in-depth analysis on pharmaceutical purchases and speak confidently with pharmacists about the drugs in question."

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