Focused on helping students develop a systematic design process to solving complex design problems.

The digital revolution is changing the marketability of designers. The field of design requires an advanced ability to take hold of others’ visions, and effectively champion them to tell a compelling visual story.

The Bachelor of Arts in Design program will prepare you to solve complex problems by utilizing visual, multimedia, and interactive tools. You will merge creative skills with visual strategy in order to become an effective and marketable visual communicator.

Learn to:

  • Utilize a human-centered design approach 
  • Work collaboratively with fellow designers to solve client problems
  • Build leadership skills
  • Lead a team of designers on real client projects 
  • Explore emerging technologies 
  • Develop a socially conscious design practice 

The program offers three concentrations: Graphic Design, Motion Design and Interaction Design.


The Graphic Design concentration provides a diverse range of skills that will allow you to be adaptable throughout your career to work with static and dynamic formats, such as interactive media, print, and environmental design. 

The Motion Design concentration presents theory and practices of motion-based media and animation in both interactive and passive forms. You will learn the principles of animation as they apply to motion graphics and character animation used in the production of client-based projects, as well as explore the development of immersive realities through the creation of virtual and augmented experiences.

The Interaction Design concentration provides meaningful interactive experiences though technology, including smartphones, computers, the web and within the real world. A variety of design skills are presented including ideation, prototyping, user research, and design thinking.

Sample Courses

  • Intermediate Computer Graphic Design
  • Advanced Design
  • Advanced Computer Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • 3D Modeling
  • Publications Design
  • Web Design

Career Options

  • Advertising
  • Art Design
  • 3D Visualization
  • Motion Graphics
  • Game and Simulation Development
  • Photography
  • Visual Design

On Campus Opportunities

  • Graphic Design Club
  • Art Club
  • President’s Art Show
  • Windows Fine Arts Magazine
  • The Flyer Student Newspaper


For more information contact the Office of Admission at or call (815)836-5250.