Computer Graphic Design, B.A.

Visual Problem Solving

Develop your fine art skills while preparing for the responsibilities of the working graphic designer.

The digital revolution is changing the marketability of the fine artist. More than just self expression, the field of graphic design requires an advanced ability to take hold of others’ visions, and effectively champion them to tell a compelling visual story.

Through Lewis’ core fine arts curriculum and computer graphic design coursework, you will merge creative skills with visual strategy in order to become an effective and marketable visual communicator.

Computer Graphic Design Major Coursework Includes:

  • Intermediate Computer Graphic Design
  • Advanced Design
  • Advanced Computer Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Publications Design
  • Web Design

Life After Lewis

Upon graduation as a Computer Graphic Design major, you will be prepared to work professionally as a graphic designer or continue on to graduate school to continue your education.