Gaming Console Registration Policy

Effective immediately, gaming consoles will be permitted on the Lewis University network in the residence halls as follows:

  • Residence Hall to Residence Hall - 24 hours per day/7 days per week

Following are the instructions to register your gaming console to be used on the University network:

  • From any working computer connected to the Lewis wired network, go to the gaming console registration link http://gameconsoles.lewisu.local/

  • Register your gaming console(s). Information required includes the game console's MAC address, your name, email address, contact information, your residence hall and room number.

  • You will receive a confirmation email in your Lewis University email account within one business day if your request has been processed successfully.

  • Connect your gaming console to the port in your residence room. Only one device per ethernet port. One Ethernet port per person.

For your information, to insure adequate Internet access is available for end of semester academic work and finals, Lewis Administration with concurrence of the Student Technology Advisory Committee has made the following decision:

"To provide sufficient Internet accessibility for academic purposes, gaming consoles will not be able to access the Internet during Super Study Weeks and during Final Exam week. Consequently, effective beginning of Super Study Weeks at 8 a.m. until the end of Final Exam week at 10:00 p.m., all Internet connections for gaming consoles will be terminated. However, gaming will be allowed relative to gaming consoles within the residence halls."

Note: PlayStation gaming consoles are not suitable for an enterprise network. As a result, if you are connected to the University's network, PlayStation gaming consoles will only work with other gaming consoles that are also connected to the University's network.