Service Desk Online

Faculty and Staff

The Service Desk Web Portal is available at This site allows you to submit incidents (trouble tickets) via the web or you can search Lewis University's Knowledge Base.


The standard format is:  First 6 letters of your last name plus first 2 letters of your first name plus ""  For example: a login for Mark Johnson would be

If your last name is less than 6 characters, use your entire last name plus the first two letters of your first name and add “” - For example: the username for Mark Sky would be

Occasionally, because of duplication, usernames don’t quite follow the pattern. The second ‘rule’ for generating a username is: first 6 characters of your last name plus first initial plus middle initial plus "" For Example: Since Mark Johnson is already johnsoma, Matthew L Johnson might be


Your Lewis University ID number (found on your Lewis ID card).