Office of the Bursar


Welcome to the Bursar's Office. We are responsible for providing you with information concerning your costs and payment options. The policies and procedures related to your billing and the collection of tuition, room and board, fees, and other related charges are located throughout this website.

The Bursar's Office works closely with other areas of the University to coordinate your charges and maintain their affordability. We are here to assist you with your financing options. If you have additional questions please contact one of the listed staff directly.

We look forward to working with you.

Helpful Resources

Credit Balance Authorization

Employer Deferred Billing

Direct Billing (this form and the employer voucher for billing due by the first day of each semester)

Financial Responsibility Agreement

Chicago Police Department Tuition Promissory Note
(Only to be used by sworn police officers of the CPD)

Non-Chicago Police Department Tuition Promissory Note
(Only to be used by Non-CPD sworn police officers)