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Access the WEAVEonline: Click on the button <WEAVEonline>.  You must have your logon ID and password ready before logging on to the WEAVE.  Please contact the Office of Assessment via, if you do not have your username and password. 

Your log-in screen should say "Welcome, Lewis University WEAVEonline user. Please login….".  If it doesn't, you're in the wrong place and what you enter won't be saved and maintained.

Change Password: the first time you access the application, you will be requested to change your password.

Reset Password:  If you forget your password, just reset password by clicking <Reset Password>.   WEAVEonline will send you a new temporary password to your email account.

Password Trouble:  Clicking <Password Trouble> will direct you to campus WEAVEonline Administrator.  
Assessment Cycle: Select the cycle from the dropdown menu.  The default is the current cycle.

Entity:  Select the assigned entity (program/unit) from the dropdown menu.  The entities have been customized and created based on hierarchy of program structure.  You have been assigned to access to a specific entity and role(s) within the entity assigned.

Assessment: Use the top tabs and the dropdown menus to input assessment data/information listed in the following sequence:

  • Mission/purpose
  • Goals
  • Outcomes/objectives
  • Measures & Findings
  • Action plans Tracking
  • Achievement Summary/Analysis
  • Annual/Special Reporting
  • Documentary Repository

Help Menu: All users have access to the WEAVEonline Help menu Help, located in the upper-right corner of the screen. 

User Reference Guide: WEAVEonline User Guide is available for your reference.

Further Assistance:  Please contact Office of Assessment at if further assistance is required.

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