Monday July 27, 2015 through Sunday August 2, 2015


Construction Underway on Electrical Improvements

Construction continues on the Lewis University campus on infrastructure improvements for the electrical and water systems. Currently underway is Phase II of the Electrical Upgrade project with digging occurring on the north side of University Drive North, from the Aviation Building and Oremus Fine Arts Center to Stritch Hall and beyond. Plans call for providing high voltage infrastructure upgrades to service various buildings in the north quadrant of campus. Phase I was completed in 2014, focusing on the area near the Student Recreation and Fitness Center, up to the Aviation Building. Phase III will provide a further loop around campus, extending to LaSalle House and beyond.

According to Don Castello, Associate Vice President for Facilities, “Lewis is upgrading our electrical systems from 5KV to 15KV. The Brother Paul French, FSC, Learning Resource Center already is connected to the 15KV, and other buildings are being incorporated into the grid. Construction includes all new wiring, new vaults and new transformers.”

The construction schedule calls initially for electrical improvements and then an upgrade of the water system on the north and northeast portion of the campus. “The Lewis water main will be retired and Lewis University water lines are to be connected to the Romeoville water system,” Castello explained. An engineering firm currently is reviewing bids for this project. Furthermore, the three Faculty Row houses will be removed from the Com Ed system, connecting them to the University lines, so that the utility poles behind the homes could be removed.

The extension of the electrical and water systems also will allow construction of a replacement residence for the De La Salle Christian Brothers as LaSalle House is prepared to be converted into an Admission Welcome Center. The new residence for the Christian Brothers will be located north of LaSalle House, off of University Drive North.

Patching on roads and replacement of sections of sidewalks will be required as the construction continues. Further information will be posted in University News, as more progress is made on these two pivotal undertakings.

Flyer Fitness Center to be Constructed

Plans have been announced for the construction this summer of the Flyer Fitness Center, containing weight training and other fitness equipment, to provide much-needed space for all students interested in strength and fitness, including student-athletes. It is meant to supplement the current space and equipment now in use in the Student Recreation and Fitness Center. “The new facility is being provided to meet the increasing demand for fitness equipment and to alleviate severe overcrowding in current facilities in the JFK,” said Joseph Falese, Senior Vice President for Student Services. “With the growth of the University, Club Sports and Flyer Athletics, there has been a steady increase in demand on existing facilities.”

Jill Siegfried, Director of Student Recreation, Intramurals, Fitness and Wellness, said prime-time hours (afternoon and evening) for use of the facilities have been expanded, but crowding remains a constant issue. “We want to be sure we do not create an unsafe environment and that we can accommodate all who are interested in lifting weights. During the afternoons and early evenings, there are usually 30-55 people in the current weight room which can become very crowded.”

The new facility, to be completed by mid-September, is estimated to cost $500,000, in addition to $100,000 for new weight lifting and exercise equipment. It will be a prefabricated building with a brick façade, as well as limited amenities. It is being constructed just south of West Hall. Equipment will include mostly free weights, cardio equipment for interval training, some Cross-fit/TRX options, and comprehensive weight machines that assist users to attain full body workouts plus room for stretching. The persons overseeing this project include Robert De Rose, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Ken Osmun of Wight, Inc., and Don Castello, Associate Vice President for Facilities. The equipment currently installed in the JFK Center will remain there. Joseph Falese and Jill Siegfried, in consultation with the Athletics Department, are arranging the schedule for the utilization of both facilities.

An Open House for the new facility is planned for the third week in September. Additional information will be posted as available in University News.

Lasallian Volunteers Hold Orientation Workshop at Lewis

Nine Lewis University alumni will be among the more than 65 Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) and facilitators/presenters who are gathering here on campus from across the nation to attend the Lasallian Volunteers Orientation from July 22-31. Alumni LVs include:

  • David Anderson, second year LV, volunteer at LaSalle School in Albany, N.Y.
  • Monique Cruz, second year LV, assigned to Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Tidiany Diarra, first year LV, who will serve at La Salle School in Albany, N.Y.
  • Alejandra Espitia, a second year LV, volunteer at Tides Family Services in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
  • Jon and Ruth Ficaro, first year LVs, assigned to De La Salle Blackfeet School in Browning, Montana.
  • Yolanda Franco, second year LV, who serves at San Miguel High School in Tucson, Arizona
  • Abby Michels, first year LV, a volunteer at De La Salle Academy in Concord, California.
  • Ivette Quinteros, first year LV, who is assigned to Tides Family Services.
This year’s LV Orientation focuses on “A Way to Change the World: Faith, Service, Community.” During the nine days of activities, the Lasallian Volunteers will participate in meetings, prayer, service projects, events, and sessions on topics such as Diversity & Cultural Awareness, Peace & Justice, Lasallian Charism Today, Community Life, Investing in Local Communities and more. Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University, will host a Social for the Lasallian Volunteers on Thursday, July 23, at 9 p.m. in the Courtyard Café. The LVs also will participate in the Midwest District Jubilee Liturgy, to be held Saturday, July 25, at 5 p.m. in the Saint Charles Borromeo Convocation Center. Members of the LVs will be staying at Dorothy Day Hall while at Lewis.

Please join in welcoming these alumni and all of those participating in the Lasallian Volunteers Orientation this summer.

Cameras Installed in Video Management System

Thirty surveillance cameras are included in a new Video Management System (VMS) that has been installed on campus this summer to replace the existing system, providing updating and expansion. The VMS is one component of an integrated campus security plan that includes access control, alarm monitoring and active patrol. The system features cameras to record what is happening on campus on a 24 hour basis, a server and video management software.

“The physical security function provided by installation of these cameras will be combined with on-going community education and crime prevention efforts as part of our commitment to campus safety,” said Chief James Montanari of the Lewis University Police Department.

Members of the Campus Emergency Planning Team (CEPT) provided planning recommendations on the initial phase-in of the system and will be involved in planning future phases of the project which will include installation of additional cameras. Co-chairs of the CEPT are Joseph Falese, Senior Vice President for Student Services, and Robert DeRose, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Multiple cameras are active and recording in the following places on campus:

  • University Parkway (5 cameras at various locations)
  • St. Charles Borromeo Center (4)
  • Library (6)
  • Academic Building (3)
  • Founders Hall (3)
  • North Hall (2)
  • Sheil Hall (4) and
  • Cody Hall (3)

More than a dozen video management systems were reviewed before a final selection was announced. The process was conducted by representatives from the Lewis University Police Department, Facilities Department and the Office of Technology. Salient Systems’ Complete View was selected as the University’s VMS with Phoenix Systems & Service, Inc., as integrator / installer.

At this time, the initial phase of system infrastructure and camera installation has been completed. This included installation of the first server, set up of the video management software and clients and installation of the first 30 cameras which are all active and recording. Information to further familiarize the campus community with the system will be published in the fall. An introductory article appeared in the Lewis University Flyer during the Spring, 2015 semester. A webpage explaining the camera system has been added to the LUPD site.

Those serving on the Campus Emergency Planning Team (CEPT) include Co-Chairs Joseph Falese and Robert DeRose, Chief Montanari, and Kathy Slattery, Dean of Student Services; Dr. LeRoy Butler (Technology); Don Castello (Facilities); Dr. Ramona LaMontagne and Kathrynne Skonicki (Marketing and Communications), Deputy Chief Michael Zegadlo (LUPD); Dr. Jeanette Mines (Provost’s Office); Dr. Lynn Atkinson-Tovar (Justice, Law & Public Safety Studies); Graciela Dufour (Human Resources); Mushtaq Choudhary (Student Services); Michele Manassah (Counseling Services); Michelle Ronchetti (Health Services); Rita Herrick (Graduate and Adult Enrollment), and Robert Arnold (Meetings, Conferences and Events).

An assortment of art is on display June-August at Lewis University

The summer exhibit for the Lewis University Brent and Jean Wadsworth Family Gallery “The Lewis University Permanent Art Collection” will be on display June 1-Aug. 14. The free exhibit is open to the public and will be on display from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. daily on Lewis University’s main campus in Romeoville.

The exhibit is the inception of a permanent collection. There are plans to add to the current 19 works of art in future years. The current collection was made possible through generous donations from friends of the university, and it is eclectic in nature. It features an assortment of paintings and drawings ranging from a 17th century portrait to a 19th century ball scene. Artists vary from Wilhelm Schreuer to British artist Donald Hamilton Fraser.

The Gallery is part of the Oremus Fine Arts Center at Lewis University. The Department of Art and Design manages the gallery events, which include Lewis University student shows, local and regional artist shows, annual high school exhibits, faculty shows, academic based exhibitions and cultural and religious based art shows. More information is available about the Art Gallery and exhibits by contacting Natalie Swain, Art Gallery coordinator, at

Computer Science student presents cyber security research at Argonne

Lewis University professor Dr. Ray Klump and Computer Science student Michael Korzon recently presented research to cyber security personnel at Argonne National Laboratory. Their presentation, “Secure, Practical, and Efficient Data Handling for Cyber Operations” addressed the challenges of managing, interpreting and securing data collected daily by information security teams.

Klump and Korzon conducted the research with senior Computer Science student Steven Day of Minooka and Computer Science alumnus and graduate student Eli Shmayel of Downers Grove. The presentation covered three topics: compression of data logs and packet capture data, interpreting cyber security data and file-based encryption.

The first topic showed techniques the team developed for optimizing off-the-shelf data compression tools by pre-processing system logs and packet capture data to increase how well they can be compressed. They compressed such data to a greater degree than is possible using a generic approach. Next, the team drew attention to areas of concern in geographically distributed computer networks, such as what would be found supporting a critical infrastructure like the power grid. They developed a visualization tool to show the movement of a cyber security threat throughout a system, providing an effective visual indication of where the areas of concern lie.

The presentation concluded with Klump presenting his work on data theft. The Chair of the Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department is currently conducting a technical assessment of technology created by a company called IONU to make the encryption process far more transparent. Rather than having the users think about where and how to encrypt the data, the system applies the needed protections automatically and invisibly, without the users having to think about them. Ubiquitous, convenient, trustworthy encryption could solve a lot of cyber security woes, so this research could have a big impact.

Lewis University offers a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. It also offers minors in Computer Science , Cyber Security Science, Data Science, and Web and Mobile Application Development. At the graduate level, it offers a nationally recognized for a Master of Science in Information Security program, which includes an innovative fast-track that enables students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years. A master's degree in Data Science is also available for students who wish to learn more about Big Data.

Lewis University SportsManagement students raise funds for McDonald House

Sport Management students raised a total of $11,258 for Ronald McDonald House Charities at Central DuPage Hospital. During the spring semester, students raised $6,693 and in the fall semester, students netted $4,565. The students were enrolled in Foundations of Sport and Fitness Management, a course taught by Karen K. Lockyer, professor and chair of Sport and Exercise Science at Lewis University.

Ronald McDonald House creates a nurturing and supportive ‘home away from home’ for the families of hospitalized children. In gratitude for the charitable donation the Ronald McDonald House Charities recognized Lewis University with an engraved brick at the entrance to the House.

“The students set a great goal to help this worthy organization. The project develops many skills that will transfer into the workplace, such as project management, team building skills and logistical planning,” Lockyer commented.

“This project is totally student-driven, they are given no seed money to start,” continued Lockyer. “Collectively, the students design, implement, collect and audit the entire project. Individually, they create an executive summary to include in their electronic portfolio. We end the semester with a visit to the House – which presents the opportunity to see the direct impact of the money raised. It is a great experience for the students.”

In previous years, the students enrolled in Lockyer’s Sport Management course raised more than $9,000 for Ronald McDonald Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana; supporting the House associated with Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago and Hope Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn. The first fundraising efforts collected $5,000 benefiting the Chicago Hoops Classic Basketball Game and the Norm Van Lier Foundation. Over the seven semesters that this project has been in place, the students have raised over $25,000. The structure of the project allows Lockyer to provide individual mentoring time with each of the student groups. “I really enjoy the scope and process of this project,” Lockyer added.

Lewis University offers a Sport Management major, an interdisciplinary program preparing students for the vast diversity of positions in the sport and fitness industry. The capstone experience for students is the internship course, which provides real world experience in the sport and fitness discipline.

Lewis University Students Develop Aviation Safety Device

A Lewis University Aviation student and a Computer Science student recently teamed up in an effort to enhance aviation safety. They designed and built a device that may help prevent runway incursions, a potential hazard at airports without control towers. Incursions occur when an airplane is prepared for take off but another airplane is in the process of landing.

Mark Wolfrum, a graduate student in Aviation, initiated the project and served as the project manager. Brandon White, an undergraduate student in Computer Science, designed and built the device. White designed a hardware system around the FLIR camera that included a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino microcontroller, and a miniature lamp. He then wrote the software that interconnected the various pieces.

“Mark was the instigator of this work and negotiated the logistics. Brandon was the technical wizard who built the device that powered it,” commented Dr. Ray Klump, professor and chair of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, who served as an investigator on the project. Dr. Randy DeMik, director and professor of graduate studies in Aviation and Transportation at Lewis University and Dr. Stanley Harriman, assistant professor of Aviation and Transportation at Lewis University, provided support to the students as well.

They performed initial testing on the device in June. Initial test runs produced positive results that show the device could lead to a solution for this critical issue. The students will continue the testing in order to make the appropriate adjustments necessary for different environmental conditions and landing approaches.

This research was sponsored, in part, by a grant from the Colonel Stephan S. and Lyla Doherty Center for Aviation and Health Research. The Doherty Center funds research and scholarly initiatives and provides opportunities for research experiences for students with faculty mentors. Investigators supported by the Doherty Center have focused on several areas, such as cardiac therapy, wound management, flight deck laser illumination, the environment, diabetes, MRSA, and alternative fuels for aviation.

Lewis University offers a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Computer Science majors can pursue formal concentrations in Cyber Security, Video Game Development, Web and Mobile Development, Computational Theory, and Data Science. Internship and hands-on learning opportunities are plentiful. The university is nationally recognized for its Master of Science in Information Security program, which includes an innovative fast-track that enables students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years. A master's degree in Data Science is also available.

Since 1932, Lewis University has led the field of aviation education by preparing students from around the world to succeed in the aviation industries. Lewis University’s Aviation program one of the most respected in Illinois. It features an on-site airport, experienced faculty, personalized learning, degree programs that provides specialized experience and a well-rounded business, management and liberal arts education. In addition to eight undergraduate programs in aviation, Lewis University offers a master’s degree in Aviation and Transportation in-person and online.

Lewis Receives NSF Grant for STEM Education

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has approved a grant of $201,123 to implement a Lewis University project on “Implementing and Investigating Mathematical Modeling as a Means to Demonstrate the Interdisciplinary Nature of Science and Increase STEM Retention.” The NSF Grant for Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) addresses ways to increase retention to assure student success and encourage continued interest in STEM-related careers.

Directors of this program include: Dr. Cynthia Howard and Dr. Raymond Klump (Computer and Mathematical Sciences) plus Dr. Jerry Kavouras and Dr. Sarah Powers (Biology). Among those key in assisting with the grant application were Jeffrey Ritchie, Director of Sponsored Programs and Research, and Vicky Tucker, Director of Institutional Analysis and Assessment.

“High praise to those involved in developing the application for this impressive grant,” said Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President. “It is timely to address retention in the STEM disciplines as Lewis continues to increase enrollment in various science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs. I am encouraged that this project will provide additional resources for our students, assisting in retention and encouraging them to pursue STEM careers.”


Service Award Recipient for July 2015

Congratulations once again to Sophia Barakat, Coordinator for Student Development and Leadership for being selected the recipient of the Service Recognition Award for July 2015. Sophia was nominated by the President’s Student Advisory Council for her continued dedication, capability, helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic service in the Department of Student Development and Leadership.

Each month, Lewis University confers a Service Recognition Award on an individual who consistently has exhibited exceptional service, concern for others and a genuine spirit of Association. Recipients receive a gift certificate for the Lewis University Bookstore and are honored at an annual luncheon, hosted by Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President.


Free Activities for Kids Aug. 1 at Lewis University’s Kidzfest in Joliet

Activities for children of all ages will be featured at the Lewis University Mini-Campus during Kidzfest 2015, to be held Saturday, Aug. 1 in downtown Joliet. A free family festival, Kidzfest offers an opportunity for children to play, explore, imagine and create. Kidzfest will be held from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Chicago Street in downtown Joliet.

Lewis University is the main sponsor for the Kidzfest 2015 which will include many attractions including the Friendly Farms Petting Zoo, a juggler, and activities/exhibits by other area organizations, including the Joliet Public Library, Joliet Area Historical Museum, Forest Preserve District of Will County, Joliet Slammers and more. Activities are free.

Each child may receive a certificate as he/she enters the Lewis University Kidzfest Mini-Campus across from the Rialto Square Theatre. The children earn marks on the certificate for each activity that they attend. Those who earn four marks on the certificate will receive an “aviator wings pin.”

Entertaining and educational experiences at Lewis University exhibits include opportunities for children to:

  • Sit in a small airplane. Parents may have a free digital photo taken of each child in the plane, courtesy of Lewis University.

  • Test their skills on an unmanned aircraft system simulator with direction from Flight students.

  • Get free photo IDs taken by students in the Criminal/Social Justice program and the Lewis University Police Department.

  • Solve Math problems and play computer games with the Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department.

  • Become a scientist through chemistry and biology experiments. Fun includes concoctions that experiment with everyday materials!

  • Step into the shoes of a weather reporter and see what it’s like to be on TV using equipment and assistance from the Communications Department.

  • Make an art project with supplies and guidance from the Art & Design Department.

  • See a mastodon tooth and other small fossils and minerals and tackle trivia questions from geologist Greg Kientop.

  • Get blood pressures and pulse screenings for children and adults from students and nurses in the College of Nursing and Health Professions. Also, adults can undergo blood sugar testing and receive information on hypertension and diabetes awareness. Several wellness games will focus on nutrition, hand washing, exercise and smoking habits.

  • Enjoy student performers from the Lewis Philip Lynch Theatre who will sing songs from Disney musical favorites. Performances are scheduled at 11:00 a.m. and 12 noon at the outdoor stage at Clinton and Chicago streets.

  • Learn a marketing lesson with games and take home shredded money from the College of Business.

  • Choose from designs and get a new look at the Face Painting booth.

  • With the theme “Come, Grow With Us,” enjoy stories about planting read by future teachers who are students in the College of Education. Children will also plant and learn about journaling the plant’s growth. Make a birdfeeder and bring it home.

  • Improve athletic skills with tips from student athletes on sports including men’s and women’s basketball and golf.

  • Test your fitness skills against a member of the ROTC. Write words or draw pictures of gratitude for currently serving military.

  • Take a photo with the Flyer mascot of Lewis University, Bedcheck Charlie, if weather permits.

  • Alumni of Lewis University are invited to sign in at the Alumni Booth to be eligible to win a prize.

“Kidzfest demonstrates the Lewis University mission to promote life-long learning by encouraging children to take advantage of various learning opportunities, to ask questions, and to interest them in different fields. Moreover, the educational activities offered at Kidzfest are fun for the youngsters,” said Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University.

Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra to Hold Auditions

The Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) will hold auditions on Wednesday, August 26 and Wednesday, September 2 for the 2015-2016 season. The auditions will be held at the Oremus Fine Arts Center on the Lewis University main campus located on Route 53 in Romeoville, Ill. The times for the audition are 6-8:30 p.m.

MYSO has openings in the following sections of the orchestra: violin, viola, cello, bass, oboe, flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba and percussion. Players seeking to join the orchestra should prepare the audition excerpts that can be found on the MYSO website at The orchestra is open to high school students and advanced middle school instrumentalists who study with a private teacher.

MYSO rehearses every Wednesday evening that school is in session from 6-8:30 p.m. at Lewis University. The orchestra will perform six concerts during the 2015-2016 season. Concerts are held at Lewis University, Joliet Junior College, and Bicentennial Park in Joliet.

Since 1991, MYSO has been under the direction of Dr. Lawrence Sisk, chair of the Music Department at Lewis University. Visit for more information about MYSO and auditions. Email Pam Nogal at to schedule an audition time.

Lewis University Choir to Hold Auditions for 2015-16 Season

The Lewis University Choir will hold auditions for singers in all voice categories (SATB) from 6- 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 1 in Ives Recital Hall in the Oremus Fine Arts Building on the Romeoville campus.

Under the direction of Dr. Lawrence Sisk, professor of music at Lewis University, the Lewis University Choir comprises students, faculty, staff and members of the community.

Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings from 6-8 p.m. in Ives Recital Hall in the Oremus Fine Arts Building on the Romeoville campus.

The choir will present a Dec. 8 concert at St. Charles Borromeo Convocation Center. The repertoire for the fall semester includes Johannes Brahms’s Liebeslieder Waltzes.

Contact Sisk at for more information or to schedule an audition.


Aviation industry experts say Aviation Maintenance is a hot career

“Get Hired in Aviation Maintenance Conference” attendees heard it straight from the professionals, there’s an extraordinary hiring demand in the industry now. The Lewis University July 25 event featured aviation professionals that discussed industry trends, specific career tips and networking opportunities.

Steve Meyers, president and chief technical officer at DVI Aviation, encouraged attendees to get a well-rounded education to prepare for the upcoming industry changes. During his keynote address, he said, “In aviation you have to be a pilot, mechanic and have a solid background in engineering or science. And Lewis prepares you for that.”

An alumni panel of professionals working in the industry shared how they were witnessing a great need for aviation maintenance professionals. At least two of them were hired months before they earned a degree from Lewis University. They also shared insights on their current positions and career development.

“When I see a plane take off from the airport, it's very exciting to know I worked on that plane,” said Yesenia Mora-Ramirez of Spirit Airlines. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Lewis University and said, “Throughout my entire journey Lewis has been there and they are still there.”

Other alumni panelists included Leo Flores, line technician, Spirit Airlines, Nick Sinal, account manager, Jet International Parts Sales, Matt Klein, lead technician, Express Jet, Mike Sokolowski, line technician, Express Jet and Adam Kozar, manager O’Hare Line Operations, FlightCheck Inc.

Lewis University offers a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, certificate and minor in Aviation Maintenance. The bachelor’s degree program prepares graduates to secure both ratings required to be a licensed Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT). The Powerplant Rating enables professionals to work on aircraft engines. The Airframe Rating allows professionals to work on the body of the airplane outside the engine; including wings, wheels, brakes, etc.

For more information about the Lewis University Aviation Maintenance program, contact Chris Stevens, director of aviation admission, at or (815)836-5920.


Birthdays for July 2015

Happy Birthday to the following faculty and staff members who celebrate their birthdays from July 1 - July 31.

July 1, Dr. Raymond Garritano, Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies
July 1, Lawrence McAuley, Aviation Services
July 1, Robert Pruter, Library
July 1, Carli Wheeler, Admission

July 2, Sean Fagan, Student Development and Leadership
July 2, Tina McKee, Arts & Ideas

July 4, Sandra Speva, Health & Counseling Services

July 5, Jessica Kush, College of Business

July 6, Nancy Hanley, College of Arts & Sciences

July 7, Dr. Ian Gladding, College of Business
July 7, Uno Lapimaa, Athletics
July 7, Vicky Tucker, Data Administration and Analysis

July 8, Dawn Peckler, College of Education
July 8, Lynn Stancik, Campus Police

July 9, Louis Rossano, Office of Technology

July 10, Dr. Eveann Lovero, College of Business

July 11, Sajid Malik, Campus Police

July 13, Jeffrey Ritchie, Office of the Provost

July 14, Dr. Robert Atra, College of Business
July 14, Br. Ray McManaman, FSC, Theology
July 14, Denise Rich, LARC

July 15, Frances Welsh, College of Education

July 16, Michael Kelly, Campus Police
July 16, Marjorie Lill, Campus Police

July 19, Bernardo Cervantes, Facilities

July 20, Linda Campbell, Graduate Admission
July 20, Barbara Peterek, Graduate Admission
July 20, Claire Singleton, Campus Police

July 21, Dr. YunTaek Pae, College of Business
July 21, Michael Wojahn, Campus Police

July 22, Dr. Edmund Kearney, Psychology

July 23, Lisa Salazar, Meetings, Events and Conferences
July 23, Diana Schreader, College of Nursing & Health Professions

July 24, John Harvey, LUA
July 24, Dr. Richard Walsh, Organizational Leadership

July 25, Anne McShane, College of Nursing & Health Professions
July 25, Nazim Uddin, Aviation & Transportation Studies

July 26, Linda Arnold, College of Nursing & Health Professions
July 26, John Morris, Office of Technology
July 26, Margaret Pfrommer, SPCE
July 26, Joseph Preston, University Ministry
July 26, Sandra Schuh, Office of the Provost
July 26, Ian Toppett, Center for Academic Technology Solutions
July 26, Vicky Weidling, College of Nursing & Health Professions

July 27, Dr. Dawn Walts, English Studies
July 27, Sarah Wiegman, SPCE

July 28, Anas Anees, Graduate Admission
July 28, Ralph Hegland, Campus Police

July 29, William Brogan, Aviation & Transportation Studies
July 29, Jim Cowan, Marketing and Communications
July 29, Dr. Christy Roberts, College of Education

July 31, Patti Purri, Admission

If you'd rather not have your birthday published, please notify the Office of Marketing and Communications (Unit 196, ext. 5974). To make sure your request is met, call each year at least one month before your birthday. Any corrections should be reported to the Office of Human Resources at ext. 5270.


Service Anniversaries for July 2015

The following faculty and staff members will celebrate their service anniversaries at Lewis from July 1 - July 31.


36 Years, Lawrence McAuley, Aviation Services

30 Years, John Carey, Communications

25 Years, Angeline Bizzotti, Admission

22 Years, Norm Turek, Facilities
22 Years, Pamela Maciulewicz, Business Office

19 Years, Janice Coats, Human Resources
19 Years, Patricia Jones, LARC

18 Years, Claire Temmerman, Office of the Registrar

15 Years, Shaila Koutha, Office of the Provost

14 Years, Robert Pruter, Library

13 Years, Mario Zamudio, Facilities

12 Years, Rita Herrick, Graduate Admission

11 Years, Jennifer Doherty, University Advancement
11 Years, Kathleen Lisak, SPCE

10 Years, Lucy Alvarez, College of Arts & Sciences

9 Years, Frances Welsh, College of Education
9 Years, Jessica Kush, College of Business

8 Years, Jill Canaday, Office of the Provost
8 Years, William Brogan, Aviation & Transportation Studies
8 Years, Matthew Berger, Flight

7 Years, Dr. Anne Rapp, SPCE
7 Years, Leonard Bertolini, University Advancement
7 Years, Karen Burke, College of Arts & Sciences
7 Years, Fabiana Tkac, SPCE

6 Years, Dr. Ruth Osuch, Social Work/Human Services

5 Years, Jean Lucas, College of Education
5 Years, Lee Anne McConologue, College of Education
5 Years, Eric Olsen, Marketing and Communications
5 Years, David Pomatto, Theatre
5 Years, Jefferson Gole Cruz, Office of Technology

4 Years, Jeffrey Festin, Facilities

3 Years, Laura Rave Fleck, University Advancement
3 Years, Matthew McCarthy, Athletics
3 Years, Christopher Stevens, Admission
3 Years, Reynaldo Bustinza, University Advancement
3 Years, Luigi Amendola, University Advancement
3 Years, Michele Latta, College of Arts & Sciences

2 Years, Br. Joseph Martin, FSC, Office of the President
2 Years, Corbett Sherman, Facilities
2 Years, Aaron Scheiwe, Business Office
2 Years, Dr. LeRoy Butler, Office of Technology

1 Year, Jennifer Rutherford, University Ministry
1 Year, David Deitemyer, College of Arts & Sciences
1 Year, Dr. Mitra Fallahi, College of Education
1 Year, Rachel Ford, Library
1 Year, Derrick Sloboda, Athletics
1 Year, Martin Salvucci, University Advancement
1 Year, Stefanie Offerman, Financial Aid Services
1 Year, Sinai Ornelas, College of Nursing & Health Professions
1 Year, Michael Vucsko, Athletics


New Bishop Received Doctorate at Lewis University

Reverend Robert Barron, Rector/President of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake, has been named Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles by Pope Francis. Bishop-elect Barron recently was the featured speaker at the Signum Fidei Lecture, held at Lewis University, on March 24, 2015. He also received an honorary doctorate at Lewis in 2012 for his impressive and apostolic achievements as a scholar, theologian, author, and educator, along with his “new evangelism” outreach in creating two documentary series on Catholicism: The New Evangelism, and Catholicism: Pivotal Players.

Author of twelve books, Bishop-elect Barron is noted for utilizing the Internet for evangelization ministry, and reaching audiences not often accessible to theologians, including countless young adults. Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University, extended congratulations on the appointment, offering prayerful best wishes as the Bishop-elect transitions to his new assignment and responsibilities as an Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles.


Helm, Allen set to present at national conference

Two Lewis University professors will present at the 2015 Association of Black Women in Higher Education National Conference. Dr. Katherine Helm, professor of Psychology and Director of Graduate Programs in Counseling, and Dr. Tennille Allen, associate professor and chair of Sociology and Director of Applied Sociology and Political Science will present at the national conference at the University of Illinois at Chicago on October 14-16.

They will present a Best Practice/Skill Development Workshop. It focusses on two African American female professors' challenges in teaching diversity/multicultural courses in a predominantly white mid-sized liberal arts institution. Strategies for dealing with microagressions will be discussed.

Along with their presentation, their work will be included in a special edition of the Association of Black Sociologists Issues in Race & Society: An Interdisciplinary Global Journal.

ABWHE has been an advocate for and celebrant of the accomplishments of Black women in higher education for more than two decades.


Lewis to Introduce New Head Women's Basketball Coach on Thursday

Lewis University Director of Athletics Dr. John Planek will introduce the 12th head women's basketball coach in school-history at 12 PM on Thursday (July 30) in the Brent and Jean Wadsworth Family Gallery located in the Oremus Fine Arts Center.

The public is invited to attend the announcement and meet the Flyers' new head coach. Parking will be available in Lot G and the Oremus Fine Arts Center is located north of the parking lot. If you cannot make it to the press conference, it will be streamed live via

Women's Golfer Wins Rockford Championship

Lewis Women's Golfer Melissa VanSistine (Rockford, Ill./Boylan Catholic) is spending her #FlyerSummer winning trophies. She the won the 2015 Greater Rockford Women's Golf Classic on Friday (July 24).

It is VanSistine's second Greater Rockford championship in three years. VanSistine defeated Hui Chong Dofflemyer in the title match. Hui Chong Dofflemyer is the mother of Lewis Men's Golfer Robert Dofflemyer. Robert took care of caddying duties for his mother.

Check out NBC 13 WREX's coverage:


Tuition Exchange Reminder

Per HR policy #3.1030

All regular full-time personnel who are eligible for 100% tuition benefits are eligible to participate at the undergraduate level for their dependent children in tuition exchange programs in which the University is a member. This is a scholarship program and is not a defined benefit. You must complete and return to HR the Application for Tuition Exchange found on the HR web site by the October 1, 2015 deadline for the 2016-17 Academic Year. All staff and faculty with students currently participating in the tuition exchange program must also complete a form to continue the process for the next academic year.


Boy Scouts Rainbow Council raises $83,000 with awards dinner

A record amount of $83,000 was raised for the Rainbow Council Boy Scouts of America during its annual award program and dinner.

The Rainbow Council Boy Scouts of America presented its 2015 Distinguished Citizen Award to Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University, on June 17 at Lewis University at the Saint Charles Borromeo Center in Romeoville.

Over the past 105 years, The Boy Scouts of America has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of our youth. This time-tested program promotes character development, citizenship training and physical fitness. Today, the Scouting program is delivered through six age-appropriate programs, for boys ranging from age 7 to 18. The Rainbow Council serves more than 4,500 young people in Will, Kankakee and Grundy counties. Last summer, Lewis University in conjunction with the Joliet Regional Port District opened their doors to the Rainbow Council Airfest 2014 where nearly 4,000 Scouts and their families learned about aviation and S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) activities. Visit for more information.


Lewis University Receives Grant for Alcohol Awareness Effort

Lewis University has been selected to receive a $30,000 NCAA CHOICES grant to fund a three-year project aimed to provide alcohol education to the entire student body, capitalizing on the leadership and peer influence that athletes tend to have on campus by incorporating athletics into the effort.

NCAA CHOICES is a grant program for alcohol education, through the support of the NCAA Foundation and Anheuser-Busch Companies.

The grant will be used to expand on current campus-wide alcohol education programming and further enrich collaboration between the Lewis University Department of Athletics and the Center for Health and Counseling Services through the Flyer Healthy CHOICES initiative. Student well-being will be encouraged through promoting physical, social and psychological development as well as values clarification and ethical decision making.

“We have made student health and wellness a campus priority and we welcome the opportunity to further enhance our collaborative project that ties directly to a divisional initiative around alcohol and will benefit all students," explained Michele Manassah, director of Counseling Services.

With the support of the NCAA CHOICES grant, Lewis University will continue its efforts to foster positive socialization by hosting alcohol-free social events, deliver team-based motivational interventions that focus on personal decision making including team behaviors/team cultures regarding alcohol and sexual consent, and to fully integrate alcohol and other drug education within First Year Experience curriculum. The Student Wellness Advisory Group (SWAG) and The Center for Health and Counseling Services will also develop a peer education program that will include trained student athletes facilitating wellness related programs and workshops for peers.


Christian Brothers Honored by Sculpture Installation

A ceremony was held on Friday, June 26, to dedicate a sculpture installation that includes a statue of a Christian Brother; a limestone bench inscribed with the words of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, “To touch the hearts or your students is the greatest miracle you can perform,” and a plaque dedicated to the more than 110 Christian Brothers who have served at Lewis University. Those who unveiled the statue were: (left to right) Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University; Brother Larry Schatz, FSC, Provincial, Christian Brothers of the Midwest; Brother Ray McManaman, FSC, a professor of Theology who is one of the first Brothers that came to Lewis in 1960; student Mickey Juricic, ’18 and alumnus Kyle Hayes, ’14.

Thanks to Brother Peter Hannon, FSC, for taking the photo and to Syl Goyette (Marketing and Communications) for formatting the Picture This! article. To suggest a topic for an article, contact Carol Wassberg (President's Office) at To access more photos of Lewis University activities, use this link,