Monday February 8, 2016 through Sunday February 14, 2016


Lewis Rallies to Advocate MAP Funding

Lewis University students, faculty and staff will participate in a MAP Rally in Chicago on Tuesday, February 16, to urge Governor Bruce Rauner to sign SB2043 to release funding for Monetary Assistance Program (MAP) grants. Organized by the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, the rally is to be held outside the Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph St., in the Loop from 11:30-12:30 p.m. Lewis faculty and administrators have volunteered as chaperones for every 25 participants. Buses will be furnished to take students to and from the rally. Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University, will provide a luncheon for the participants when they return to campus.

Participating in the rally is just one of the responses by Lewis University to the MAP crisis which has been created by a budget standoff between the State Legislature and the Governor that has resulted in a lack of funding for education. Nearly 140,000 Illinois students who were approved for supplemental MAP grants for 2015-2016 have been affected by the impasse in Springfield. MAP grants provide supplemental funding to help those in need to pursue college degrees.

Lewis faculty and staff began writing letters to their legislators about the delay in MAP funding in January. The legislators approved SB2043 which provides for the release of funding for MAP grants, but the Governor has indicated that he will veto this bill when it is forwarded to him by Senate President John J. Cullerton on Tuesday, February 16. Students joined in the letter-writing efforts last week and early this week with excellent results. Tables were set up on campus in the Academic Building, St. Benilde Hall, the Courtyard Café, South Hall, and the St. Charles Borromeo Center to assist students in reaching out to the Governor.

Nearly 1,700 letters were mailed from Friday to Wednesday, sent in batches to the Governor’s Office. 9 More were expected to be sent by various faculty members whose classes had participated in the effort. Faculty and staff letters are uncounted since these were mailed individually—some to legislators and most to the Governor. Many of the student messages were very touching, explaining the need for assistance openly and asking the Governor to support students in need. A sampling of messages demonstrates the depth of feeling in these notes:

  • Freshman Nursing Student who may not be able to continue my education without you! #MAPMATTERS!!
  • I have friends that qualify for the grant and really need that extra support to get through college. Being that the cost of college keeps increasing, it’s becoming harder to afford for my friends and myself also.
  • Please pass the budget for the MAP Grants. Without this money, I will not be able to receive a college education
  • Many of my friends rely on this funding in order to pursue their careers and without this funding they are at a standstill with their education.
  • Dear Governor, My family is struggling extremely hard to pay the tuition I have to pay now, so much that they have cut back on groceries and other utilities just to make ends meet. The MAP Grant is the only reason why I’m attending Lewis University and I really hope to finish my education here with your help.
  • I come from a family where my parents work many hours and depend on my financial aid to get me through college. MAP helps ease my financial stress. No MAP—No School!
Many students have joined in the campaign to urge support for MAP funding through social media, including Twitter, FaceBook and InstaGram. Very popular were messages sent via Twitter to #Map Matters. Students from colleges and universities throughout the State of Illinois are joining in this effort.

Lewis reached 1,465 accounts and 64 engagements as explained above. Graduate Assistants Susan Thomas and Victoria Watts (University Advancement) assisted with Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts for MAP grant advocacy while Joseph Glatz took photos for social media posts.

Lewis also sent to the Governor a MAP photo collage (11” x 17”), showing photos of several Lewis students who are MAP recipients.

A committee has been formed to organize activities for students at Lewis in support of funding the MAP grants. Members include Mary DeGraw (Enrollment Management), Dr. Jordan Humphrey (Student Affairs), Dr. Ramona LaMontagne and Kathrynne Skonicki (Marketing and Communications), Dr. Laurette Liesen (Political Science); Melissa Eichelberger (Student Success and Technology); Michelle Hoehn and Sophia Barakat (Student Development and Leadership), Sean Ruane (University Ministry), Fred Gandy (Residence Life); Carol Wassberg (President’s Office); Lindsay Harmon (Library); Harmon (Library); Liseth Chavez (Student Retention); Kathy Bruss and Alondra Bustos (Financial Aid); and Napoleon Garcia and Pat Kuchenbecker, (Technology). Advisors to this group are Ray Kennelly, Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management; Joseph Falese, Senior Vice President for Student Services, and Len Bertolini, Vice President for University Advancement.

Updates on action regarding the MAP crisis will be provided to the Lewis University Community as developments become public.

Lack of MAP Funding Reaches Crisis Status

As the State of Illinois budget crisis continues, affecting the release of MAP grant funding, Lewis University has been working with the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities (FIICU) on initiatives that include contacting Governor Bruce Rauner and State legislators to ask their assistance in providing funding for some of the State’s neediest students. Nearly 140,000 Illinois students are waiting for funding of MAP grants that the State announced for 2015-2016. Funding for these grants has been held up by the current budget impasse in Springfield. Meanwhile, the lack of funding has caused a huge financial burden for the educational institutions in Illinois who enroll the MAP-eligible students.

Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University, has asked faculty and staff to contact their legislators regarding the stalemate that has delayed funding of the MAP grants. Since that request, both the House and Senate in Springfield have approved SB2043 which provides for the release of funding for MAP grants. However, Governor Rauner has threatened to veto this bill. Senate President John J. Cullerton has announced that he will present the bill to the Governor on Tuesday, February 16.

At Lewis, approximately 1,300 students qualify for MAP grants. Brother James stated, “The University is committed to financially assisting our nearly 7,000 students of all income levels. Lewis currently provides approximately $40 million in institutional financial aid. However, our limited funding is not sufficient to compensate for an additional $6.2 million in unpaid MAP support,” he told members of the University Policy and Budget Review Committee which met Tuesday, February 2.

“If the MAP funding is not paid this year,” Brother James continued, “then the $6.2 million promised to the students by Illinois in order to cover a significant portion of their tuition cost will thereby become the students' legal obligation. Actually, it is that already. The University would then convert their individual debt into a low-interest or no-interest loan, payable over 3-5 years. However, this would create another financial burden for those needy students and be a real obstacle to their achievement of a quality college education.

“It is for this reason that I am urging the entire University Community to send emails or make phone calls to the Governor and to those members of the General Assembly who are not supporting legislation (SB2043) to resolve this political impasse,” Brother James stated. “Should the State not include MAP funding in its budget next year, it would cause grave consequences for the private sector of higher education as well as for the public universities and colleges.

“The irony in all of this is that almost all members of the General Assembly and the Governor himself support the MAP program,” he explained. “The omission of $6.2 million or a similar amount next year would probably result in the loss of upwards of 400 of our students. It could also drive down our freshman class from its usual range of 700-730 students to something like 615-630.

“Some high school counselors are already sounding the alarm as they counsel needy students, which could hurt the private colleges and universities the most,” Brother James noted. “What a tragedy that would be for those students and their families. They are exactly the type of students who most need the kind of environment that we offer. We do not have the necessary resources to substitute for public funding of MAP grants. If we tried to do so, it would push our discount level into a range that we could not afford, especially if we want to keep investing in other priorities, including quality academic programs, personnel, and services geared to student success.”

A committee has been formed to organize activities for students at Lewis in support of funding the MAP grants. Members include Mary DeGraw (Enrollment Management), Dr. Jordan Humphrey (Student Affairs), Dr. Ramona LaMontagne and Kathrynne Skonicki (Marketing and Communications), Dr. Laurette Liesen (Political Science); Melissa Eichelberger (Student Success and Technology); Michelle Hoehn and Sophia Barakat (Student Development and Leadership), Sean Ruane (University Ministry), Fred Gandy (Residence Life); Carol Wassberg (President’s Office); Lindsay Harmon (Library); Liseth Chavez (Student Retention); Kathy Bruss and Alondra Bustos (Financial Aid); and Napoleon Garcia and Pat Kuchenbecker, (Technology). Advisors to this group are Ray Kennelly, Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management; Joseph Falese, Senior Vice President for Student Services, and Len Bertolini, Vice President for University Advancement.

The Lewis Committee hopes to join in the Federation’s call for student rallies in Springfield and Chicago which are in the planning stages. Governor Rauner stated publicly that he would like to fund the MAP grants, but noted that the State does “not have the money” during a press conference on “Legislation to Reform the Procurement Code.” Later in that conference, he said that he will veto SB2043, stating that we must have “reforms” in order to pay for it.

David W. Tretter, President of the Federation, encouraged Illinois colleges and universities to contact legislators and the Governor regarding the ongoing MAP funding crisis. “… while the Governor continues to declare he will veto this bill, it shouldn’t deter us from continuing our advocacy towards a solution,” Tretter stated. He also plans to send “an open letter to the Governor and leaders on the consequences now occurring on campuses with existing students, and even the ramifications on high school students looking to attend college.”

Updates on action regarding the MAP crisis will be provided to the Lewis University Community as developments become public.

Dr. David Livingston named 10th President of Lewis University

David J. Livingston, PhD, President of Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio has been appointed as the 10th President of Lewis University. He will begin his role as President on July 1. He succeeds Brother James Gaffney, FSC, who will retire on June 30 after 28 years of leadership and service to Lewis.

“I look forward to leading Lewis University, a Catholic University rooted in the Lasallian tradition, as it continues to be innovative in its mission-based education and centered on student success,” Dr. Livingston commented.

Dr. Livingston was selected after a national search by a search committee and the Lewis University Board of Trustees.

“As higher education transforms across the nation, we believe Dr. Livingston is the best person to lead Lewis University in its mission to provide a Lasallian education,” commented Russ Smyth, Chair of the Lewis University Board of Trustees.

Dr. Livingston has been President of Lourdes University since 2013. During his tenure, Lourdes experienced an increase in the quality, retention and graduation rates of its students; expanded academic programs and renovated the campus to support their strategic growth initiatives; and successfully completed a capital campaign.

Prior to his presidency at Lourdes University, he served Mercyhurst University for 16 years in various diverse capacities, including President of the Faculty Senate and Vice President for Advancement. Prior to joining the Mercyhurst community, he taught religious studies at Loyola Academy High School in Wilmette, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, University of St. Francis in Joliet, Joliet Catholic Academy and Loyola University of Chicago.

The Dundee, Ill., native earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Augustana College in Rock Island, Ill. He completed an M.A. in theology at Loyola University in Chicago and a Ph.D. in Theology at Vanderbilt University.

Joining him as part of the Lewis University community will be his wife Joan, who works as a clinical social worker, and their adult children Matt and Sara.

Board of Trustees Approve Rank and Tenure Recommendations

The Lewis University Board of Trustees approved the promotion of sixteen faculty members and granted tenure to eight professors at its Winter Meeting on Saturday, February 6. Congratulations to these very dedicated and competent faculty!

Rank and tenure recommendations were approved unanimously as follows:

Promotions in Rank –

College of Arts and Sciences –

  • Dr. Marne Bailey (Biology) from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
  • Dr.  Jennifer Consilio (English) from Associate to Professor
  • Dr.  Serafima Gettys (English/Foreign Language) from Assistant to Associate Professor
  • Dr. Ryan Hooper (Physics) from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
  • Dr. Jerry Kavouras (Biology) from Associate Professor to Professor
  • Dr. Pramod Mishra (English) from Assistant to Associate Professor
  • Dr. Lesley Page (Organizational Leadership) from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
  • Dr. James Rago (Biology) from Associate Professor to Professor
  • Dr. Natalia Tapia (Justice, Law & Public Safety Studies) from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

College of Education –

  • Dr. Jung Kim (Reading and Literacy) from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
  • Professor Ann O’Brien (Elementary Education) from Instructor to Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Lauren Rentfro (Secondary Education) from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

College of Nursing and Health Professions –

  • Professor Linda Arnold from Instructor to Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Stacie Elder from Associate Professor to Professor
  • Dr. Donna Martin from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
  • Professor Diana Schreader from Instructor to Assistant Professor

Tenure was granted to the following faculty in their respective departments:

College of Arts and Sciences –

  • Dr. Marne Bailey, Biology
  • Dr. Serafima Gettys, English/Foreign Language
  • Dr. Ryan Hooper, Physics
  • Dr. Pramod Mishra, English
  • Dr. James Tallon, History
  • Dr. Natalia Tapia, Justice, Law & Public Safety Studies

College of Education–

  • Dr. Mary Fisher, Special Education

College of Nursing and Health Professions–

  • Dr. Michele Kramer

Lewis University’s Philip Lynch Theatre finds its place in “Clybourne Park”

Winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize and the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play, “Clybourne Park” is a spin-off of Lorraine Hansberry’s classic “A Raisin in the Sun.” “Clybourne Park” spans 50 years between each explosive act. Act I is set in 1959 as nervous community leaders try to stop the sale of a home to a black family. Act II takes place in the same house, but in 2009, and the predominantly African-American neighborhood battles to hold its ground in the face of gentrification.

Theatre Manager Jo Slowik of Joliet directs the production. Seven actors play a total of 15 characters, each of them playing dual roles spanning fifty years. The cast includes Zackary Abu-Shanab of Plainfield, Briana Reidy of Darien, Taylore Cephas and Kawaan Panama of Chicago, Adam Jezl-Sikorski of Burbank, Jake Dorencz of Romeoville and Jordin Richards of Tinley Park.

Working behind the scenes are Michael Frale of Elk Grove (stage manager), Sean Gallagher of Mokena (assistant stage manager), Celeste Mackey of Joliet (costume design), Andrew Nelsen of Joliet (scenic design), Carole McKee of Plainfield (properties), Zackary Abu-Shanab of Plainfield (lighting design), Kayla Carson of Burbank (sound design), Tyler Senjanin of Evergreen Park (light board operator), Christy Carlson of Lockport (sound board operator) and Dave Pomatto of Naperville (assistant tech director.) The backstage running crew consists of Jamie Voustros of Chicago, Kevin Bukauski of Tinley Park, Luke Murphy and Nicole Reidy of Darien, Ashley Stajura of Lockport and Yesenia Gonzalez of Pilsen.

This insightful dark comedy will run February 12-14 and February 18-21 and is recommended for patrons 16 years old and up. The evening performances are 8 p.m. and the Sunday matinees are 2:30 p.m. In addition, there is a 4 p.m. matinee performance at on Saturday, February 20. Advanced tickets purchases are strongly encouraged. Ticket prices are $10 for adult and $9 for students and seniors. Lewis students pay $2 with an ID. For groups of 15 or more tickets are $8. Tickets are non-refundable. For more information, patrons can check out the PLT Website at, or call the box office (815) 836-5500 Monday through Friday from 1-4:30 p.m. The theatre is located on the main campus, the Oremus Fine Arts Center on Route 53 in Romeoville.

Lewis University Artists Honored at the President’s Eighth Annual Art Show

Artwork by Lewis University students and alumni is currently on display in the President’s Eighth Annual Art Exhibition at the Brent and Jean Wadsworth Family Gallery, located on the university’s main campus in Romeoville. The exhibit, free and available to the public, will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily until Thursday, Feb. 25.

The juried exhibition is hosted by the Department of Art and Design and sponsored by Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University. This year’s exhibit displays more than 90 pieces of artwork.

“This annual competition is an impressive display of creative art pieces by our students,” said Brother James. “Each student brings his or her own talents, personal histories and artistic goals to produce artwork that is unique and quite engaging.”

Eleven students received a total of $1,000 in awards for their exhibits in the show. David Almazan took first place for “Nevona Arizada,” Larissa Barnat placed second for “Unknown Type,” and Hannah Slowik took third with “Compartmentalize.” Winning Honorable Mention Awards were students Courtney B.Dallon, Catherine Kelly, Shayne Kelly, Elizabeth Lopez, Aneta Sykala, Peter J. Turek, Sandra Zuchara, and Laura Zukoski.

The Wadsworth Family Gallery is located in the Oremus Fine Arts Center at Lewis University. The Department of Art and Design manages the gallery events, which include Lewis University student shows, local and regional artist shows, annual high school exhibits, faculty shows, academic based exhibitions and cultural and religious based art shows. More information is available about the Art Gallery and exhibits by contacting Natalie Swain, Art Gallery coordinator, at

Funeral Services for Professor Emerita Bette Bonacci

Funeral services will be held Saturday, February 13, for Professor Emerita Bette A. Bonacci who passed away Monday, February 8 at the Joliet Area Community Hospice. Bette and her late husband, Nick Bonacci, were long-time faculty members at Lewis University with Bette teaching English from 1965 to 1991 and Nick in the Department of Aviation. Dr. Bette Bonacci was chair of the English Department from 1982-1986 and Director of the Writing Center from 1981-1986.

Visitation is scheduled from 3-7 p.m. Friday, February 12, at the Blackburn-Giegerich-Sonntag Funeral Home, 1500 Black Road, Joliet. A Mass of Christian Burial will be offered at 11 a.m. Saturday, February 13, at the Cathedral of St. Raymond.

Dr. Bette Bonacci is survived by her children: Ruth (Peter) Bonacci-Klaeser, Nicholas Bonacci, Jr., and John (Jill) Bonacci; grandchildren Elizabeth (Eric) Guthier, Jessica (Paulo) Laorden and Claire Bonacci; four great-grandchildren; a brother John (Mary) Bradford, and nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, Nicholas Bonacci, Sr., parents, Burnice and Callie Bradford, and two brothers.

Born in Chicago and residing many years in Joliet, Bette was a member of the Cathedral of St. Raymond and an avid gardener who enjoyed cooking.

The family requests that “No Flowers” be sent, but asks that memorials be sent to the Joliet Area Community Hospice or St. Vincent DePaul.

Lewis University Alumna’s Internship Digs into Lockport History

What does a Lewis University graduate do with an old wagon wheel, business documents, photographs and a clock? She organizes them and prepares the historical items for the Lewis University History Center’s Adelmann Regional History Collection.

Joliet resident Stephanie Silkey is spending the next few months itemizing and categorizing items donated by Flora Milne, on behalf of her family, to Lewis University.

Silkey noted, "I will be learning how to handle historic objects in a way that preserves their integrity. My daily work will aid Lewis University students and researchers and this is something I am very excited to be a part of."

The Milne's were one of the most prominent families in 19th century Lockport, Ill. Flora recently made a donation to support an internship position to work with these materials. Lewis University selected Silkey, who graduated in December 2015 with a B.A. in History and Philosophy of Law.

"We are fortunate to have Stepanie working with this collection. She plans to go to law school in the fall, but first, she will apply her historical training,” said Dr. Dennis H. Cremin, history professor and director of Lewis University History Center.

“The Milne materials are rich and varied. With leadership from the library, we were able to move forward with the scanned images and photographs. This internship will make if possible to better organize and conserve the objects, which are part of the Adelmann collection.”

Flyer Team Finishes First Half of Season Strong at Yale

With the loss of five players, three of them key, from last year’s National Qualifying Team, there was the prediction of a slower start for this year’s Lewis University Mock Trial Team. It proved to be true as it looked like it would take small steps to achieve some level of success. The steps may have been small but the achievement was significant.

The final competition of the first half of the season was the Yale Mock Trial Invitational. In a field of 42 teams, Lewis finished eighth. It was one ballot behind Fordham, Tufts and Wesleyan, which tied in fifth. Lewis and Northwestern universities were the only two Midwestern universities admitted to the Invitational.

Much like the entire first half of the season; start slow, finish strong, Lewis mimicked the pattern in competition. Being down after the first two rounds, Lewis took three of the four ballots to make the top ten finish again.

Lewis was led by newcomer, Kelly Green, awarded as an Outstanding Witness with 19 of a possible 20 points, and M’aggie Huggins who narrowly missed an award.

Two weeks before in the Fantastic Flyer Tournament, the Lewis team finished strong as it hosted the competition on the Romeoville campus. The A Team took 3 ½ of the four ballots in the last two rounds to finish 8th while the B Team finished 11th of the 22 teams.

Individually, Huggins won both Outstanding Attorney Award and an Outstand Witness Award. Kelly Green again won an Outstanding Witness Award. Anthony Scorzo had a very strong performance, missing an opportunity to wain an award from either the prosecution or defense side of the case by one and two points. Complimenting Scorzo’s performance were the performances of Michael Stramaglia, Erica Swanberg and Gilbert Broderick. All of these high quality performances gave a true picture of the tough, challenging, close level of competition throughout the tournament.

In early November, Lewis found themselves in a very tough competition at the Illinois State University Invitational. The two teams finished 18th and 20th in a field of 30. Individually, two veterans did well with Anthony Scorzo awarded Outstanding Attorney and Huggins again winning both Outstanding Attorney and Outstanding Witness Awards. Newcomers Kelly Green and Gilbert Broderick finished strong for possible awards.

Lewis opened the season formally (after a tough scrimmage versus Loyola) at the Thunderdome Invitational, hosted by Wheaton College. Neither team never really got out of the gate, finishing 20th and 21st in a field of 24. However, some signs of hope were present giving indications of a possible better future (as was done at Yale) with three individuals winning awards.

M’Aggie Huggins was awarded Outstanding Attorney and two newcomers won Outstanding Witness Awards, Kelly Green and Gilbert Broderick. Erica Swanberg finished strong, narrowly missing an award for both attorney and witness.

Coming up in the second half of the Mock Trial Season, Lewis will be scrimmaging Illinois State University on Jan. 17 at Lewis University in Romeoville.

Next, the team headed to the National Invitational Tournament, hosted by Loras College Jan. 28-29 in Dubuque, Iowa.

These competitions all lead to the Joliet Regional, hosted by Lewis Feb. 20-21 at the Will County Courthouse. Twenty-eight teams from 13 universities will be competing for eight bids to the first round of the National Championship competitions. The Joliet Regional is one of the two largest and toughest regionals of the 25 being held.

Lewis University Mock Trial members include M'Aggie Huggins, Dustin Murray, Anthony Scorzo, Kelly Green, Sara Asif, Nick Matuszewski, Gilbert Broderick, Michael Stramaglia, Erica Swanberg, Jessica Sheppard, Luzmaria Arroyo, Lacey Boulware, Anthony Ciarlette, Karen Escamilla and Luis Angeles.

Lewis University Mock Trial coaches include Dr. Jim Houlihan, Paul Namie, attorney, Moseley and Martinez, LLC, Cary Hansing, financial analyst, BP Warrenville, Ill, Kaitlyn Worst, attorney of the firm, Erin Webster O’Brien, PC, Joliet, Ill., Martin Shanahan, attorney, City of Joliet, Ill., and Joshua Rehak, attorney, United States Marine Corps Judge Advocate.

Contact Head Coach Dr. James Houlihan, professor of Justice, Law, and Public Safety Studies, at (815) 836-5313 or to learn more about the academic teams at Lewis University.

New Nursing Classes Start This Summer in Hickory Hills

Nurses can earn a bachelor’s degree through a blended cohort program by offered by Lewis University College of Nursing and Health Professions.

The Registered Nurse/Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree completion program begins a new session in the Summer of 2016 and ends December of 2017. These eight-week classes will meet at the Lewis University Hickory Hills Campus at 9634 S. Roberts Road in Hickory Hills, Ill.

This new cohort is designed to meet the unique needs of recent graduates of associate degree nursing programs. The blended class format will consist of a combination of face-to-face and online learning activities. Some general education courses will be held either online or in the same blended format. An individualized transcript evaluation will be given to each student, based upon transcripts from previous academic work or degrees. For more information, please call (815)836-5363.

Candidates must be graduates of a state-approved diploma, associate’s degree, hold a current Illinois RN license, and must have their official transcripts. Applicants must complete an application at

Lewis University College of Nursing and Health Professions is an approved provider of continuing education by the Illinois Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. For additional presentation information, please contact the Office of Graduate and Adult Admission at (815)836-5610 or

Spring Service Fair Sprouts Community Connections

Networking, sharing ideas and fostering good will filled the Lewis University Dining Room Jan. 26 during the 2016 Spring Service Fair. The Lewis University Engagement Cooperative sponsored the event that brought together 26 community organizations with the student, faculty and staff of Lewis University.

“The Service Fair is important as it gives partners a chance to meet the Lewis community and to grow a culture of service on campus. Whether you’re an athlete, in an organization or service learning class, or just in search of an internship, partners are essential to student success,” Dr. Christie Billups, director of Lewis University Service Learning, explained.

“We’re thrilled to see that the amount of groups who partake in this important networking event has remained steady from year to year, ” she continued.

Community partners in attendance included Agape Missions, American Cancer Society, Feed My Starving Children, Forest Preserve District of Will County, Guardian Angel Community Services, Chicago HOPES for Kids, Community Access Naperville, Heart Haven Outreach, Connection of Friends, Emmaus Ministries, Interfaith Committee for Detained Immigrants, Loaves & Fishes, Midewin Tallgrass, Northern IL Food Bank, Seed of Hope Foundation, SOS Children’s Village, Su Casa Catholic Worker, Sunny Hill Nursing Home, Valley View School District, Village of Romeoville, Warehouse Workers for Justice, Warren-Sharpe Community Center, Will Grundy Center for Independent Living, Will Grundy Medical Clinic and Women at Risk International.

The CEC is a collaborative group of Lewis University entities who seek to grow strategic partnerships in order to enhance student success and address external needs in the community. It is comprised of the Office of Service Learning, Student Development and Leadership, University Ministry outreach, Career Services and Multicultural Student Services.

Joliet Prison Photo Exhibit Showcases Work of Lewis University Student

What to do with an architecturally and culturally significant prison that has been unused for over a decade? This is the question at the heart of two exhibits that are coming to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Gaylord Building.

“Unlocking the Past: Larissa Barnat’s Joliet Prison Photographs” is the first exhibit on the third floor of the Gaylord Building, 200 W. 8th Street, Lockport. An opening reception for the exhibit is 4-6 p.m. Feb. 4.

“Photographing The Old Joliet Prison makes me appreciate the structure and history of older buildings. I am intrigued by their vintage aesthetic. When asked to photograph the prison, I was appalled to learn that anyone would want to tear down these magnificent buildings,” Larissa Barnat said.

The Burbank, Ill., resident is currently studying Painting and Computer Graphic Design at Lewis University. She described, “In my photos, I tried to document the delicately handmade detail along with the natural beauty growing onto it, contrasted by the strength and solidity of the architecture. I felt as though nature combined with the building have a purpose and work together harmoniously.”

Dennis H. Cremin, professor of history and director of the Lewis University History Center, said, “Larissa is already an award-winning photographer. Her images capture the stories of The Old Joliet Prison. Her images provide a way to dream about of these building, which have been unused for the past decade.”

The second exhibit will open in March on the second floor of the Gaylord Building. It will address several themes, such as the history of the prison, models of preservation, and the prison in popular culture.

The Gaylord Building and the Lewis University History Center are among the lead partners working on these exhibits. Visit for more information on the opening reception or exhibits.


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Forthcoming Series to Highlight the Importance of Mercy

Prison reform and welcoming refugees are topics to be discussed in Lewis University’s Peace Studies Series. “Overcoming Indifference with Mercy” will be held on the Lewis University Main Campus in Romeoville. All events in the lecture series are free and open to the public.

“Change of Heart: Justice, Mercy, and Making Peace with My Sister’s Killer” presented by author and attorney Jeanne Bishop kicks off the series. It begins at 11 a.m., Feb. 17 when Bishop will discuss her journey to meeting and reconciling with the man who took her sister’s life. The lecture will take place in the D’Arcy Great Room.

Continuing the series is a movie screening of “The Stanford Prison Experiment” at 4 p.m. on March 16 in Room AS-158-A. The film portrays the 1971 experiment conducted by Stanford professor Dr. Philip Zimbardo.

President and Executive Director of the Syrian Community Network’s Suzanne Sahloul will present “Welcoming Syrian Refugees.” The discussion will examine the Syrian Refugee process in the Chicago area. The lecture is 2:30-3:30 p.m. April 19 in Sancta Alberta.

The series concludes with a Peace Garden Dedication at 4 p.m. April 19 led by Drs. Christie Billups and James Burke on the Green, located north of McNamara Hall.

These events are sponsored by Lewis University’s Peace Studies program with the following co-sponsors—Office of Mission and Identity, Center for Ministry & Spirituality, Office of Service Learning, Institute for the Advancement of Catholic & Lasallian Education, International Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work and Human Services, Sociology, Theology, University Ministry, Fr. Kevin Spies Endowment for Ethical Leadership, International Student Services, Lasallian Justice Coalition, Women’s Studies, Office for Human Dignity - Diocese of Joliet and Pax Christi Illinois.

Explore African American Women’s Activism and Artistic Production

Lewis University’s African American Studies Program welcomes poet and educator Treasure Shields Redmond at 2 p.m. on February 12, 2016 in the D’Arcy Great Room on Lewis’ main campus in Romeoville. The event is part of Black History (Present and Possibilities) Series: Black Women, Activism, and the Arts.

In this presentation, through the generous support of the Illinois Humanities Council, acclaimed poet and English professor, Treasure Shields Redmond will explore African American women’s activism and artistic production in “The Life and Import of Fannie Lou Hamer.”

Redmond will present original poems about the life and impact of Hamer, who was an American voting rights activist, civil rights leader and philanthropist, instrumental in organizing Mississippi's 1964 Freedom Summer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Redmond will intersperse her poetry with freedom songs, gospel songs, and spirituals, examining through African American expressive culture, the lasting significance of Hamer’s work and the movements to which she contributed.

Redmond has published poetry in notable anthologies, received a fellowship to the Fine Arts Works Center and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

“I am delighted to present the work of Treasure Shields Redmond, who showcases the work of Fannie Low Hamer, a comparatively unsung visionary," said Dr. Tennille Allen, professor of Sociology. Redmond’s intense interest in Hamer resulted in a poem series about Fannie Lou Hamer entitled "Chop, a Collection of Kwansabas for Fannie Lou Hamer, which was co-winner of the Winged City Chapbooks RA/AM chapbook contest.

Dr. Allen continued on the importance of Black History Month and African American Studies, “The African American experience is the American experience and we all benefit from understanding it.”

For additional information, call Dr. Tennille Allen (815) 836-5799 or contact

The African American Studies Program is an interdisciplinary minor with a wide range of cross-cutting perspectives on issues, concerns and experiences relating to African Americans in particular as well as the U.S. and the world in general. The minor provides a framework for understanding African American history and culture and examines the contemporary triumphs and struggles in a global society.


Birthdays for February 2016

Happy Birthday to the following faculty and staff members who celebrate their birthdays from February 1 - February 28.

February 1, Thomas Helwich, Athletics
February 1, Mary Eileen Kloster, College of Nursing & Health Professions
February 1, Jennifer Manderscheid, Oak Brook Campus

February 2, Alex Alhadweh, College of Business

February 3, Carol Wassberg, Office of the President

February 4, Dr. Cathy Ayers, College of Arts & Sciences
February 4, Dr. Mark Nolan, LUA
February 4, Johnathon Sauer, Flight

February 5, Jennifer Rutherford, University Ministry
February 5, Christopher Swanson, Office of the Provost

February 6, Katheryn Slattery, Student Services

February 7, Linda Elsik, College of Nursing & Health Professions
February 7, Dr. Eileen McMahon, History
February 7, Gregory Payne, Aviation Services
February 7, Michael Shields, Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies

February 8, Dr. Christine Billups, LARC
February 8, Kathleen Giblin, Business Office

February 9, Lifeng Hu, Foreign Language Program
February 9, John Spruance, Athletics

February 11, Dr. Jerry Kavouras, Biology
February 11, Dr. Michael McDowell, College of Nursing & Health Professions

February 12, Karen Burke, College of Arts & Sciences
February 12, Dr. Erin Zimmer, Biology

February 13, Leanne Harris, Career Services

February 14, Megan McCarthy-Biank, Marketing and Communications
February 14, Donna Rice, College of Nursing & Health Professions
February 14, Jennifer Skvarla, Office of the Chief Financial Officer

February 16, Kathleen Anderson, Office of the Provost
February 16, Dr. Ralph Miller, Sports and Exercise Science

February 17, Wendy Hess, Business Office
February 17, Michael Prokop, Campus Police
February 17, Megan Wozniak, College of Business

February 18, Kath Miller, Office of the Registrar
February 18, Megan Rogge, Office of Technology

February 19, Benjamin Billups, Campus Police
February 19, Thomas Buell, Facilities
February 19, Tina Crowther, University Advancement
February 19, John Mathews, University Advancement

February 20, Biljana Naumovski, Library

February 21, Matthew Wendlandt, Flight

February 23, Safia Rabah, Campus Police
February 23, Joseph Tomsic, College of Business

February 25, Taylor Salazar, Human Resources

February 26, Ashley Castillo, Writing Center
February 26, Joseph Glatz, Marketing and Communications
February 26, Sheila McGreal, College of Nursing & Health Professions

February 27, Dr. Christopher Wielgos, English Studies

February 28, Dr. Teresa Bixby, Chemistry
February 28, Brandon McGhee, Athletics
February 28, Dr. Simone Muench, English Studies

If you'd rather not have your birthday published, please notify the Office of Marketing and Communications (Unit 196, ext. 5974). To make sure your request is met, call each year at least one month before your birthday. Any corrections should be reported to the Office of Human Resources at ext. 5270.


Service Anniversaries for February 2016

The following faculty and staff members will celebrate their service anniversaries at Lewis from February 1 - February 28.


33 Years, Diane Blazevich, Aviation & Transportation Studies

26 Years, Gregory Gentili, Aviation Services

25 Years, Janeen Decharinte, Financial Aid Services

19 Years, Sandra Speva, Health & Counseling Services

18 Years, Marie Lozano, College of Nursing & Health Professions

16 Years, Kath Miller, Office of the Registrar
16 Years, Efrain Zavala, Facilities

12 Years, Jose Ramirez, Facilities
12 Years, Megan Zahos, Flight

9 Years, Sarah Wiegman, SPCE
9 Years, Christopher Koenig, Athletics
9 Years, Michael Fekete, International Student Services

5 Years, Michael Zegadlo, Campus Police
5 Years, James Montanari, Campus Police

4 Years, Marjorie Lill, Campus Police
4 Years, Benjamin Billups, Campus Police
4 Years, Jose Zamora, Office of Technology

3 Years, Alondra Bustos, Financial Aid Services
3 Years, Rudi Balich, Athletics
3 Years, Rosa Salazar, Office of Technology
3 Years, Jeannette Ortiz, LUA

1 Year, Napoleon Garcia, Office of Technology
1 Year, Dr. Linda Ryan, College of Nursing & Health Professions
1 Year, Neil Pelech, Flight
1 Year, Robert Barton, Office of Technology
1 Year, Nathan Robenhymer, Aviation Services


5th Annual Celebration of Scholarship Keynote Presentation Focuses on Lasallian Scholarship

The keynote presentation of this year’s fifth annual Celebration of Scholarship will be given by the President of Lewis University, Brother James Gaffney, FSC, followed by a summary of scholarly work with a panel of Lewis faculty who have received Lasallian Research Grants. “Lasallian Scholarship: Soaring to New Horizons” will be presented on April 14, 2016, 11 am - Noon, in the Sancta Alberta Chapel.

President of Lewis University since 1988, Brother James has been part of the University community since the early 1970s as a faculty member, Provincial for the Christian Brothers, chair of the Board of Trustees for ten years, and President. During his years as President, Lewis has undergone a remarkable transformation, achieved national ranking for various educational programs; added dozens of programs – both graduate and undergraduate – including two doctoral degrees; significantly expanded the main campus in Romeoville and established sites in the Chicago region and in Albuquerque, New Mexico; more than tripled the enrollment with the number of students rising to nearly 7,000; infused the Catholic and Lasallian Mission into all aspects of University life; and built a spirit of Association among faculty, staff and administrators that has helped to develop a collaborative approach in all teaching, learning and service undertakings.

Many initiatives, such as the Celebration of Scholarship and Lasallian Research Grants, have promoted the research and scholarship of faculty and students in the Lewis University community. Sponsored by Brother James, the Lasallian Research Grant Program aims to promote interdisciplinary, interdepartmental, and inter-institutional collaborations in exploring global issues arising from areas of focus identified by the International Association of Lasallian Universities. Transforming student learning, research collaborations between faculty and students promote initiatives that endeavor to describe or explain phenomena or to predict effects with expected outcomes of advancing understanding, raising awareness, and seeking creative alternatives to intervene, influence, and transform society.

Former Chair of the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, Brother James has served on several dozen boards and currently chairs the Lasallian Association of College and University Presidents, the Community Foundation of Will County and Illinois Justice Project. He has received many honors for his leadership, including the Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice Medallion from the Vatican, numerous honorary degrees, and various community accolades. A native Chicagoan, Brother James holds a B.A. and an M.Ed. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, an M.A. from Manhattan College, and a D.Min. in Pastoral Theology from the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Ill.

A panel discussion will follow which includes faculty at Lewis University who are current recipients of Lasallian Research Grants for projects that explore issues arising from areas of focus identified by the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU). Projects are designed to actively engage students in the research process, are collaborative, involve interdisciplinary perspectives and external partners, particularly other Lasallian institutions. The projects and their researchers follow:

Dr. Seung H. Kim, Department of Secondary/Technological Education (Lewis Co-Investigator: Mary Jo Heiberger; External Collaborators: Dr. Jozef Raco, Universitas Katolik De La Salle Manado, Indonesia; Dr. Rezyl R. Mallorca, La Salle University-Ozamiz, Philippines; and Dr. Eduardo Gomez, Universidad La Salle, Col Condesa, Mexico) – “Diffusing Mobile Technologies in Students’ Learning and Daily Life in Lasallian Universities” (May 2015)

Dr. Ryan Phillips, Department of Aviation and Transportation (Lewis Co-Investigators: Dr. Randal DeMik and Eric Swanson) – “Serving Population Growth with the Advancement of Crop Analysis and Precision Agriculture through Economical Data Delivery Methods: Phase I” (May 2015)

Dr. Jerry H. Kavouras, Department of Biology – “Changing Food Webs in Lake Michigan: Dreissena and the Microbial Loop” (March 2015)

Faculty and students are encouraged to submit their scholarly work to present at the Celebration of Scholarship. The deadline for submission of abstracts is Feb. 17, 2016. Abstracts can be uploaded online at the Celebration of Scholarship website.

Rotary Student of the Month—Crystal Serrano Puebla

Crystal Serrano Puebla, a senior at Lewis University, has been named Rotary Student of the Month by the Joliet Rotary Club for January, 2016. Crystal is majoring in Psychology with minors in both Theology and Human Resource Management. She is a member of the Theta Alpha Kappa Theology Honor Society and the Psi Chi International Psychology Honor Society. Bilingual and fluent in Spanish, Crystal currently is a student employee for University Ministry where she also has participated in many of their events, including the Epic and Catalyst retreats. She served as Team Leader for the LUK LIII Koinonia Catholic Retreat and Core Team Director for LUK LIV.

Lasallian in her service and activities, Crystal participated in the Mission Trip to the Philippines and is Leader of Local Community Service Projects for SOL (Source of Life). She has been a member of Theta Kappa Pi Social Service Sorority throughout her four years at Lewis and has served as Vice President/Service Chair and President last year for the Inter Greek Council. Crystal plans to attend graduate school to continue her studies in psychology to prepare for a career as a Clinical Child and Adolescent Counselor.

Congratulations, Crystal, on receiving the Rotary Student of the Month Award for your academic accomplishments and dedicated service in the spirit of Lewis University’s Catholic and Lasallian Mission.


Saya Serves as Honorary Commander at Kirtland Air Force Base

Jim Saya, Executive Director of Albuquerque Campus, was installed as an Honorary Commander at Kirtland AFB. More information about the ceremony is available in an Albuquerque Journal article.

Brother Joseph Martin Published an Article

Brother Joseph Martin (President’s Office) published an article in the Jan. – Mar. 2016 issue of the National Genealogical Society Newsmagazine. “A New Deal: The WPA Records of Nicholas J. Martin” explains the wealth of personal information he learned about his grand uncle from his Works Project Administration file, which is stored at the National Archives in St. Louis, MO. Using the thirty documents, he discovered his uncle’s work history from 1908 when he lived in Pennsylvania to 1938 when he was employed by the WPA in Chicago. The papers confirmed family stories that Nicholas Martin worked “for the government,” drove a Checker taxi for some years, was treated at Hines Veterans Hospital, and ran a delicatessen in Oak Park. The WPA employed over eight million Americans during its more than eight years of operation.


Adam Wise Notches School Record In 50 Free For No. 24 Lewis Men's Swimming

No. 24 Lewis men's swimming opened the 2016 Great Lakes Valley Conference Championships meet on Wednesday (Feb. 10). The four-day event is hosted at the Crawfordsville High School Aquatics Center.

Junior Adam Wise (Ocala, Fla./Forest) earned a fourth place spot in the 50 free (20.52). His time set a new school record by .01.

Junior Quinn Poti (Orlando, Fla./Timber Creek) was sixth in the 200 IM, touching with a time of 1:51.84.In the 1000 free, junior Aidan Brennan (Naples, Fla. /Barron Collier) recorded the Flyers' best time of 9:30.43, good for seventh place.

The Flyers closed the day with a fourth place showing in the 200 medley. Freshman Mads Knoblauch (Svenborg, Denmark/Svenborg Gymnasium), senior Zach Ballon (Englewood, Colo./Cherry Creek), freshman Colin Williams (Elk Grove, Ill./Elk Grove) and Brennan compiled a time of 1:31.73.

Lewis sits in fourth place with 94 points. The Flyers return to action on Thursday morning.

No. 4 Lewis Women's Track And Field Runs Away With Olivet Invitational Title

The jumping trio of Lewis University senior Amber Cook (Grayslake, Ill./Warren Township), junior Phoenix Smallwood (Princeton, Ill./Princeton) and freshman Cierra Pulliam (Plainfield, Ill./Romeoville) combined for four NCAA Provisional marks, two victories and two runner-up finishes to pace the No. 4 Flyer women's track and field team to the team title at the Olivet Invitational, hosted by Olivet Nazarene, at the Student Life Recreation Center on Saturday (Feb. 6).

Cook won the triple jump title with a NCAA Provisional mark of 39'1 1/4" (11.92m), while Pulliam was second with a NCAA Provo mark of 38'6" (11.73m). Cook later finished second to Smallwood in the long jump with a NCAA Provisional showing of 18'9 3/4" (5.73m).

Smallwood won the event with a personal-best, NCAA Provisional long jump of 18'11 3/4" (5.78m).

"It was a very up and down day," Lewis head women's track and field coach Dana Schwarting said. "We had a lot of season-bests and national qualifying marks, but a lot of really poor performances too.

"We need to figure this out in the next three weeks and get everyone on the same page," Schwarting continued. "This is typical of mid-season meets, but we have to improve."

Lewis senior sprinter Chantel Stennis (Bolingbrook, Ill./Bolingbrook) won both the 60-meter dash (7.83) and garnered a winning time of 57.12 in the 400-meter dash. That 400-meter dash time is expected to be converted into a NCAA Provisional mark.

Lewis senior Kristen Bonsor (Antioch, Ill./Glenbrook North) was victorious in the 3,000-meter run with a time of 10:06.34, while freshman Lane Kadlec (Lockport, Ill./Lockport) registered a NCAA Provisional shot put with a second-place finish of 43'8 1/2" (13.32m).

Flyer junior Emily Vihnanek (Plainfield, Ill./Plainfield Central) placed second overall in the 600-meter run (1:42.45), while sophomore Zoe Mead (Princeton, Ill./Princeton) also added a runner-up finish in the 800-meter run (2:18.93).

Lewis is back in action on Friday (Feb. 12), as the Flyers head to Allendale, Mich., to participate in the Grand Valley State Big Meet.

No. 15 Lewis Men's Track And Field Wins Olivet Invitational

Lewis University senior Isaac Jean-Paul (Gurnee, Ill./Warren) won two events and set two NCAA Provisional marks to propel the No. 15 Flyer men's track and field team to the Olivet Invitational title, hosted by Olivet Nazarene, at the Student Life Recreation Center on Saturday (Feb. 6).

Jean-Paul won the long jump with a personal-best and NCAA Provisional leap of 23'6 1/4" (7.17m) and picked up another provo in the high jump with a mark of 6'9 1/2" (2.07m). Lewis freshman Darryl McFadden (Matteson, Ill./Rich South) was second in the long jump with a finish of 22'4 1/2" (6.82m).

"It was a very up and down day," Lewis head men's track and field coach Dana Schwarting said. "We had a lot of season-bests and national qualifying marks, but a lot of really poor performances too.

"We need to figure this out in the next three weeks and get everyone on the same page," Schwarting continued. "This is typical of mid-season meets, but we have to improve."

Lewis senior Dan Lentz (Minooka, Ill./Minooka) won the 60-meter hurdles with a personal-best and NCAA Provisional time of 8.25. Flyer sophomore Shabari Bailey (Minooka, Ill./Minooka) finished second in the event with a time of 8.47.

Flyer sophomore Devin Ingram (Minooka, Ill./Minooka) was victorious in the 60-meter dash (6.97), while classmate Chris Wilson (Shorewood, Ill./Minooka) won the 400-meter dash (49.97).

Lewis senior Matt Jemilo (Tinley Park, Ill./Tinley Park) placed second in the 800-meter run with a time of 1:53.66. That mark is expected to be converted into a NCAA Provisional time.

Lewis returns to action on Friday (Feb. 12), as they head to Allendale, Mich., to participate in Grand Valley State's Big Meet.

Lewis' Strus Named To CoSIDA Academic All-District Men's Basketball 1st Team

The College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) announced on Thursday (Feb. 11) that Lewis University sophomore forward Max Strus (Hickory Hills, Ill./Stagg) has been named to the CoSIDA Academic All-District 4 Men's Basketball Team. He advances to the CoSIDA Academic All-America Team ballot where first, second and third team All-America honorees will be selected later this month.

Strus owns a 3.39 cumulative grade point average in business administration and currently leads the Great Lakes Valley Conference in both scoring (21.2 ppg.) and rebounding (9.3 rpg.).

"It's a well deserved honor," Lewis head men's basketball coach Scott Trost said. "Max has great character, takes academics seriously and is an outstanding player.

"He's the total package."

Lewis returns to action tonight against Quincy. Tip-off is set for 7:30 PM.

Lewis Men's Track and Field Cracks Top 10 In USTFCCCA Poll

The Lewis men's track and field team has been ranked No. 10 in the nation in the first NCAA Division II Indoor Track & Field National Team Computer Rankings of 2016 released by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) on Tuesday (Jan. 26).

The Flyers are the only Great Lakes Valley Conference school in the top 10. Lewis moved up five spots from their initial ranking of No. 15 in the first poll of the season.

The Flyers have recorded 10 NCAA provisional marks this season. Senior Andre Barnes (Mount Prospect, Ill./Prospect)' 47.72 in the 400 meters ranks third in the nation. Defending national high jump champion Isaac Jean-Paul (Gurnee, Ill./Warren) currently ranks third in the country with a jump of 7.25 feet. Senior Dan Lentz (Minooka, Ill./Minooka)' 5,117 in the heptathlon is the fifth best in the nation.

"We are off to a little bit of a slow start after the holiday break," Lewis track and field head coach Dana Schwarting said. "While it is nice to have a top 10 ranking, we feel like once we are hitting on all cylinders, we will move up into the top five. Hopefully this weekend we get things going."

The Flyers return to action on Saturday (Jan. 30) in a meet at Grand Valley State.

Lewis Women's Track And Field Ranked No. 2 In The Nation

The Lewis women's track and field program has earned the No. 2 ranking in the first NCAA Division II Indoor Track & Field National Team Computer Rankings of 2016 released by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) on Tuesday (Jan. 26).

The Lewis women were ranked No. 11 in the preseason poll but moved up to No. 2 thanks to an impressive start to the season. Lincoln (Mo.) is ranked ahead of Lewis. The Flyers own 14 provisional or automatic NCAA marks this year.

Senior Chantel Stennis (Bolingbrook, Ill./Bolingbrook) has the nation's best performance in the 200 meters (24.20), third best in the 400 meters (55.49) and 12th best in the 60 meters (7.60). She is one of three Flyers who own the best mark in an event. Junior Amanda Farrough (South Bend, Ind./Clay)'s 16:14.50 in the 5000 meters to open the season still stands as the best in the nation and is an NCAA automatic qualifier. Freshman Cierra Pulliam (Plainfield, Ill./Romeoville) owns the nation's top mark in the triple jump (12.30 meters), just ahead of Lewis senior Amber Cook (Grayslake, Ill./Warren Township) (12.26).

"We have had an amazing start to the season so far," Lewis track and field head coach Dana Schwarting said. "Many of the women have put themselves into great positions to get to Nationals, and in multiple events for some of them. Once we get everyone to Nationals, it will be a clean slate, and we will fight for points, and hopefully come out of the meet with a team trophy. That is always our goal at the start season, and we are setting ourselves up to achieve this."

The Flyers return to competition on Saturday (Jan. 30) at Grand Valley State's Mike Lints Open.


Picture This? Club Hockey Honors for Br. James

Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President of Lewis University, received a hockey shirt with his name on it plus the game puck at the Lewis Flyers Ice Hockey Club game against St. Mary’s University on Friday, January 22. The game was dedicated to Brother James, an alumnus of St. Mary’s who cheered for Lewis where he has been President for 28 years! Making the presentation are students (left to right) Rachel Schneider, Stacy Mihalski and Taylor Vera who is holding the hockey puck. Thanks to student Cody Kammerer for taking the photo and to Syl Goyette (Marketing and Communications) for formatting the Picture This! article. To suggest a topic for an article, contact Carol Wassberg (President's Office) at To access more photos of Lewis University activities, use this link,