Police Department

Fire Facts

Fires do not discriminate – they happen both on and off campus. So, know the facts to keep yourself safe and secure.

  • Know exactly where your emergency exits are located so that you can go on “automatic pilot” if there’s a fire.

  • Always, always heed the fire alarm, even when you believe it may be “just another drill or false alarm” Assuming that its false could put your life and others (who may need to re-enter a fire to rescue you) in jeopardy.

  • Don’t use illegal appliances, candles or incense in the residence halls.

  • Be careful when smoking… Lit cigarettes – can and – do start fires.

  • Don’t drape scarves or other fabric over lamps. Left unattended, they can easily catch fire.

  • If you suspect a fire in the hallway, don’t open your door. Instead, feel the door to see if it’s hot. Stuff towels or sheets under your door so less smoke can enter and stay close to the ground where the air isn’t as smoky.

  • Don’t tamper with fire equipment such as extinguishers, hoses and alarm boxes. Malfunctioning equipment can be a matter of life and death in a real fire situation.