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ISA Board Members

International Student Association (ISA)

Did you know that there are international students from more than 30 countries here at Lewis University?

ISA seeks to foster an awareness of other cultures at the Lewis University campus, promote friendships between international students, as well as with American students and provide support and appreciation for the international student community at Lewis University. It accomplishes this by providing special programs and opportunities for social interaction and exchange.

The ISA plays a vibrant role in students’ social lives by being the forum for international students and by organizing events throughout the year—giving students a chance to discover Chicago as well as many cultures from around the world.


The ISA sponsors a host of activities each semester including:

  • Excursions to cultural attractions, such as museums, religious institutions, ethnic restaurants and international and ethnic festivals.
  • Annual International Fair, International Night, International Education Week and International Film Festivals.
  • Special lecturers, speakers and workshops
  • Overnight skiing and camping trips
  • Social events such as BBQs, dinners, shopping trips and other off campus excursions
  • & MUCH MORE!!!

Everyone in the Lewis University community is welcome to join ISA or attend any of our events. We look forward to seeing you soon!

ISA 2016-2017 Executive Board

Gerard Ortiz

Zhiguo Qu
Staff Supervisor

Michael J. Fekete
Director of International Students Services 
(815) 836-5549