Residence Life and Housing Services

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Resident Assistant Job Description

Job Summary

Facilitate the growth of residence hall communities by developing relationships with residents, providing opportunities for residents to interact and form friendships, planning activities that promote personal and spiritual growth, being an accessible campus resource, and carrying out the below listed responsibilities under the supervision of the Resident Life Coordinator, Area Residence Life Coordinator, Director of Residence Life, Assistant Resident Director and/or Associate Director of Housing and Services.


    Community Leadership
  • Develop relationships with residents.
  • Inquire and observe needs of residents in order to plan creative and relevant activities.
  • Assist the RLC in working with residents who infringe upon community standards.
  • Organize and lead a small group of residents to assist in planning and preparing floor activities.
  • Preside over one floor meeting per month.
  • Duty schedules will vary according to the lifestyle of a particular hall.
  • Resident Assistants must be on campus by 1am every day, unless pre-approved by the respective ARLC.
  • Resident Assistants are allowed a maximum of 6 nights away from campus each month, and cannot exceed 3 consecutive nights in one request. All away overnight night requests must be pre-approved by the respective ARLC. Requests must be submitted 48 hours in advance.
  • All Resident Assistants are on call as required.
  • Participate in weekly staff planning and development
  • Meet weekly and individually with the RLC
  • Attend all mandatory training days and RA class
  • Plan floor activities that will creatively respond to the spiritual, emotional, social, and physical needs of your floor. Evaluate each activity at its conclusion.
  • Carry out assigned managerial functions including monitor e-mail and voice mail daily, conduct room checks as requested by RLC, submit facility maintenance requisitions as appropriate, perform assigned in-duty responsibilities.
  • Prepare necessary reports and records, including incident reports.
  • Participate in the recruitment and selection of RAs.


  • Uphold and model Lewis University policies and standards.
  • Participate in RA training.
  • Maintain a 2.50 cumulative GPA.
  • Limit the number of credits per semester to 12-18.
  • Receive approval from the Director of Residence Life for all extra-curricular activities and additional employment prior to making a commitment.
  • Previous experience living in a residence hall preferred.
    Transferable Skills
  • Manage a university residence hall floor of diverse students.
  • Counsel students on various personal and academic issues.
  • Plan and implement hall programs for upwards of 200 people.
  • Work closely with a variety of people.
  • Enhance leadership, communication, and organizational skills.


  • Room and Board are provided to all Resident Assistants. Room rates range from $1,775-2,250 per semester, depending on hall assignment. Each Staff member is provided with board Meal Plan II, providing $1,275.00 per semester.
    Additional Incentives
  • Night staff is available Wednesday through Saturday evenings and during other designated evenings (ie. Finals week). Staff will be compensated $10/hour when signing up for a 4 hour shift.