Upcoming Events/Announcements

Attention Students
  • Contact Health Services regarding immunization mandates for attendance. Students missing the semester deadline will have a non-refundable $50 late fee and a Health Services Hold for future class registration.

  • Health Services offers the seasonal influenza (flu) vaccine each fall. Watch your Lewis email for details. We have the vaccine available at the Health Center and also offer outreach clinics throughout the Fall Semester.

  • Health Services offers other vaccines, serology testing ,TB testing and STD(I) testing, each for a nominal cost. Contact the Center for details.

  • The Center will be sponsoring “Tuesdays with Tippi”, a registered Therapy Dog, proven to provide students with an opportunity to relieve stress via time with an animal. Tippi has a Facebook page you can link to: Tippi TDI
  • Free and anonymous online screenings for issues with depression, anxiety, mood, alcohol and eating disorders are available 24/7 through the link on our website.

  • For personal stories from celebrities and other young people who have dealt with mental health issues, as well as info about how to help yourself or a friend check out http://www.halfofus.com.

  • The average Lewis student who drinks has 3.4 drinks per week. (2012 CORE Survey)

  • The percentage of Lewis students that feel that their friends would disapprove of them having one or two alcohol based drinks every day: 65.2% (2012 CORE Survey)

  • 1 in 3 Lewis students would prefer NOT to have alcohol available at parties they attend. (2012 CORE Survey)

  • 84% of Lewis students have NEVER used marijuana. (2012 CORE Survey)

  • 4 out of 5 Lewis students reported they had NOT driven under the influence within the past year (2012 CORE Survey)

  • 68% of Lewis students reported drinking alcohol twice a month or LESS in the past year (2012 CORE Survey)

  • Counseling Services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

  • According to the APA’s HealthyMind:
    One out of four young adults will experience a depressive episode by age 24. Counseling can help.

  • According to the APA’s HealthyMinds:
    Nearly half of all college students report feeling so depressed at some point in time that they have trouble functioning. Counseling can help.

  • According to the APA’s HealthyMinds:
    If left untreated depression can lead to suicide. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for those aged 15-24 and the second leading cause of death of college students. Counseling Services can help (815) 836-5455

  • PATHWAYS is a personal development and support group for female students to come together to talk about current issues that are affecting college age women. Interested? Space is limited. Contact The Center for Health & Counseling at (815) 836-5455.