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Welcome to the site for the Office of Service Learning at Lewis University.

Service Learning is deeply embedded in the Lewis University Mission. The Office of Service Learning (OSL) strives to build connections with and contribute to our local and global communities through service learning. The OSL staff also hopes to work with faculty to extend student learning through rich community service experiences which fulfill course objectives.

Through these web pages, we hope to offer insight into our programming as well as possible resources for enhancing understanding of service learning.

As the Office continues to grow, our goal is to provide faculty with varied and effective resources to support course revision and development. We will also continue to build community partnerships and increase our listings of community agencies that have worked with us or hope to do so.

Your input, suggestions and comments are immensely helpful to us as we try to make our Office an asset to Faculty, Students, Staff, and Community Partners alike. Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we might better serve you through this website and beyond.

Christie Billups, D.Min.


Christie Billups, D.Min.
Coordinator of Service Learning

Office of Service Learning
Leckrone Academic Resource Center
(815) 836-5829

Introduction from the New 2013/2014 AmeriCorps VISTA

Settling into my new position at Lewis University, exploring various buildings and learning about academic programs and social aspects of the college, I could not help but think, “Wow, where was Lewis when I was looking for colleges to attend?” My alma mater was an exceptional school that provided me with the necessary tools to perform well in order to reach my future goals, however I was struck by Lewis University’s unique charm. The vibrant faculty and staff, beautiful campus, and Lasallian traditions are part of the many characteristics of Lewis that stood out as special qualities of the campus. Walking into this warm embrace, I have been deeply energized for the task to come and have realized how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to be a part of the Lewis family.

I am very excited to get firsthand experience with Service Learning. I have dabbled in various community service opportunities at my alma mater, understanding the civic responsibility one has to reach out to communities, however it was never used as a tool to enrich academic learning. The fundamental principles that surround the Service Learning experience are concepts I wish I had access to as an undergrad. I truly love the Service Learning mindset; learning course content through experiences that delve deep into addressing real community needs. Hopefully many students will seek out Service Learning courses and experience this transformative method that can potentially lead to greater social responsibility and a lifelong passion for using knowledge and skills to contribute to their communities.

I have chosen a year of service as an AmeriCorps*VISTA because I believe that inner transformation comes out of passionate community engagement and I want to continue to serve people in need for the rest of my life. In addition to my Service Learning responsibilities, I will also help improve the services provided to veterans and military families, students from low-income backgrounds, and first-generation college students. The diverse roles within my position provide great opportunities for me to make an impact among many areas at Lewis University. Please feel free to contact us, by phone, email, or Facebook, to let us know how we might better serve you through this website and beyond.

Emilee Studley


Emilee Studley
Assistant to the Office of Service Learning
(815) 836-5023

Student Talk

  • Karen Dizon

    Karen Dizon

    "As a senior in college I can easily say that this course has impacted me the most out of all the courses that I took thus far as a student. The service learning experience definitely put topics regarding the prison system into a different perspective. With any subject, it is one thing to learn from a textbook, but it is more beneficial to discover new insights when the application is implementation through personal experience."

  • Lindsie Craven

    Lindsie Craven

    "This service learning has been inspirational, impacting, fun, and informative. It is a life changing experience that I am thankful to have been able to be involved in."

  • Sophie Barakat

    "I highly recommend it to students to take a service learning class because it will bring teaching to another level. I mean it is one thing to read about a topic and try to understand it right away, but when you actually go out to experience it, it just clicked in your head right away."

  • Meredith Coffey

    "Before this semester, I had not previously participated in any service learning courses, and unknowingly I signed up for two. I wish that I had taken one sooner. I have found them to be more interesting and overall a better learning experience because they provide hands-on learning. The community service involved with this course went nicely along with the subject matter, and helped reinforce the material."