Student Development & Leadership


Congratulations on taking on the challenge of becoming this year's Flyer King & Queen! Lewis chose to bring back the tradition of having a Flyer King & Queen last year in order to add a special flair to Homecoming. We strive to continue this tradition and in its second year, we want to make it better than the previous year. What does all of this mean?

Being nominated by your peers is an honor. The fact that people recognize you as a person of integrity is a great compliment. Representing your organization, hall and team will prove to be a great experience! Here is how it works:

Candidates may campaign up until the end of the voting period. The following campaign guidelines must be adhered to:
  • Flyers posted around campus must follow the posting policy of Lewis University and require a stamp of approval through the SORC office.
  • Photographs of the nominee must bear no reference or affiliation to any organization on or off campus. However, you can list what organizations you are a part of on flyers or other campaign materials.
  • Campaigning may be done at:
    • Campus Events
    • In Classes (at the professors discretion)
    • Weekly Organizational meetings (contact the SORC office to find out how to get in contact with various organizations)
    • Dining Halls
    • On the Green and other pubic venues.
    • Facebook & Twitter
  • E-mail campaigning is possible ONLY by sending a flyer to and requesting it be e-mailed to the student body. All other forms of e-mail campaigning are PROHIBITED.
  • Defacement or removal of campaigning material of any other candidate is prohibited.
  • Candidates may not be within 40 feet of a polling station. The location and times of polling stations will be announced prior to the start of voting.
  • Failure to follow the campaigning rules outlined above will result in the disqualification of a nominee.