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Flyer King and Queen Candidates
  • Katherine Chandler

    Katherine Chandler
    Major: Nursing

    My name is Katherine Chandler and I am a nursing major. I am currently a member of the Student Nurses Association and participate in the Mentor/ Mentee Program through the College of Nursing and Health Professions. Lewis University’s mission applies to my life because I value my education and am proud of the knowledge I have been taught in the past and currently here at Lewis University. I enjoy learning and preparing to be a future nurse. I demonstrate fidelity by participating in the mass as a Eucharistic minister, attending mass weekly, and respecting others and treating them with kindness and dignity. Throughout my collegiate years I have truly learned wisdom and justice. Those two values apply when I reflect upon my nursing classes and clinical experiences. As a student nurse I am able to collaborate with the nurse to help treat the patient by being cultural aware, respectful, encompassing and caring for the whole human spirit.

  • Bridget Kay

    Bridget Kay
    DoubleMajor: Elementary & Special Education

    Hi, my name is Bridget, and I am very excited to be nominated to the 2014 Homecoming Court! Lewis University is like home to me and is a place where I have grown not only academically but also as a person. My involvement in a variety of different activities provided me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people and to see life itself from a completely different perspective. As an officer for two of my four years in the Best Buddies organization, I have facilitated friendship building between college students and adults with disabilities in our community. I serve as a Peer Minister leading and supporting my peers through various ministry related activities such as Koinonia and local service trips. Volunteering for mission trips created the learning experience of how other people live not only in our local community, in other parts of the country but also in Bolivia. By showcasing Lewis University to visitors as a Navigator (tour guide), I have learned so much about our school, and have the ability to share my experience and love for the University with potential future Flyers. I have become immersed in the whole Lewis community through all fours years of my education providing me a well-rounded education preparing me to succeed in life.

  • Theresa Marten

    Theresa Marten
    Major: English and Theology

    My name is Theresa Marten and I am a senior English and Theology major. While at Lewis, I joined the dance team and am now the captain. I work as the religion editor for The Flyer and a Peer Minister in the dorms. Some of my favorite memories are the retreats and service projects I have been a part of, especially Koinonia. I know I could not have gotten this far without all my friends and teachers and I feel very lucky to say I had a great four years at college. I feel I have embodied the mission of Lewis by inviting and leading others to join and experience all that Lewis has to offer.

  • BriaMay.jpg Bria May
    Major: Radio & Television Broadcasting
    Minor: Marketing

    I am a native of the windy city, majoring in Radio & Television Broadcasting with a minor in Marketing. As a freshman I immediately become involved with various organizations on campus, and till this day I am still apart of those organizations along with some new ones! I am the president of the Black Student Union, The Pulse and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, the Sergeant – at – Arms for the Lewis University Gospel Choir, and a general member of the National Pan Hellenic Council and the National Communications Association. I want to show students that hard work and dedication builds character and confidence in you. I enjoy volunteering and being active on campus and I can honestly say that the organizations I am involved in have changed me for the better. I am more responsible, confident and my leadership skills increased expeditiously. I am self-assured in everything I do and that is because I stepped out of my comfort zone and got involved on campus!

  • lindsymorgan.jpg

    Lindsy C. Morgan
    Major: Social Work
    Minor: Sociology

    I am a senior and I have a major in social work and a minor in sociology. I look forward to graduating in May and hopefully attending graduate school to earn my masters in social work. So far my undergrad years have been the best of my life. I have enjoyed being involved on campus. I am currently the President of my sorority, Theta Kappa Pi, and have been involved in the social work association and Inter-Greek Council. I have also been a Resident Assistant since my sophomore year. I am currently the RA of Sheil hall. I love meeting my residents and lending a helping hand. I think I would make a great Flyer Queen because I am an active member in the Lewis community and stand for our mission. It is an honor to be on the homecoming court and look forward to seeing all of you at the homecoming Formal.

  • marquisbutler.jpgMarquis Butler
    Double Major: Secondary Education and History

    Hi! My name is Marquis Butler. I am a senior and a double major in Secondary Education and History. I enjoy playing video games, watching cartoons and building computers. I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and the President of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Currently I am a resident assistant in Fitzpatrick hall and have been an involved student at Lewis University since my freshman year, participating in the Muslim student association and attending other Lewis sponsored events. The university mission has guided me while at Lewis in my constant quest for education and self-improvement. Overall I’m an easygoing person and I have enjoyed my years at Lewis. I would love to be this year’s flyer king and represent the university in a positive way.

  • Greg Chomko.jpg

    Greg Chomko
    Major: Aviation Administration

    I’m currently a senior here at Lewis University and I’m studying Aviation Administration. I transferred to Lewis from College of DuPage last fall and I love every second of my experience here. Since transferring to Lewis, I have become heavily involved with Student Development and Leadership (SDL) on campus and I have met a lot of great people. I became a Resident Assistant last semester, which gave me a lot of insight into my leadership abilities as well as quality management experience. My passion is to help people and I like to make everyone around me happy, which coincides with my work in the SORC Office. This opportunity allows me to extend a helping hand and reach out to the student body in a professional setting, which I believe creates a unique bond with my peers and co-workers. I believe my experience and opportunities at Lewis exemplify its mission and values everyday because the Lewis University’s mission aims for students to seek truth in their own lives and to embody themselves to become whole and complete people. My experiences in SDL support the University’s Mission by establishing great amounts of respect for the well being of the campus. Administrators, professors, the University police, and the Christian Brothers exemplify this high level of respect everyday. As a Resident Assistant, I plan on becoming a prime symbol of the University’s Mission so that my residents can be reminded of how significant it is. Being a transfer student has not altered my mission to distinguish the effect Lewis University has on me. If anything, being a transfer student has propelled me to develop a connection with the school faster and more accurately.

  • Jason Giron Jason Giron
    Major: Computer Science

    My name is Jason Giron. I’m a computer science major with a GPA of 3.0, but don’t think I’m some kind of nerd I have a social life to kill for. Since my sophomore year I have been working for Sodexo and I meet a lot of different people from this school. I’m also a Resident Assistant currently in Mother Teresa hall. During my first year as a Resident Assistant I was blessed with the opportunity to live in south hall. I was able to foster a great community by having an open door policy where my residents came to me with any problems they had. I still use this policy today and enjoy meeting new people and helping them out to the best of my abilities. At Lewis I recently joined RHA (resident hall association), Senior Challenge, Computer Science Club and Prometheon. I should be Lewis University’s homecoming king because I represent our school and community in a positive way.

  • Michael Harris
    Major: Print Journalism
    Minor: Public Relations

    My name is Michael Harris, a senior print journalism major with a minor in Public Relations. I am deeply involved in ministry and other groups (CRS, ORO- Oscar Romero, Catalyst, LUMINATE, Kononia, Intervarsity, Class council- sophomore to now, Intramurals, and LASO). I enjoy venturing out of my comfort zone and meeting new people, like how I did by joining LASO last year. I believe that in order to be a leader, in which I must be a servant as well. Therefore, I feel that I am a great example for the school’s mission. I accept others even though I might have different views. I try to show others God’s love through my actions. I love joking around, just connecting with my fellow peers and faculty on campus. In addition, I love writing, and a lot people usually see me with my notebook where I write either poems or novels they I want to publish someday. If I was without writing, it’s like a breath with no air.

  • Alexander Stewart
    Major: Criminal Justice

    Hi! My name is Alexander Stewart, Senior Criminal Justice Major, here at Lewis University. To be honest, I had no intention of, originally, even considering myself honored enough to be the “Flyer King” until I was nominated. Still, I believe that there are many people that would be justified in receiving this honor. I have been very involved here as Lewis University right from the beginning. Transferring into Lewis University in the Spring of 2013 was where my activity at Lewis really took off, however, visiting friends that attended Lewis directly out of high-school, leaves me with almost 6 years of memories! From a visitor in the basement of Founders Hall back in 2009 to a person holding experiences such as Peer Minister, Koinonia participant on LUK 48, leader on LUK 50, Leader of First Year Interaction Retreat (FYI), member of Steering Committee, Member of the President’s Student Advisory Council (PSAC), Employment as an assistant to the Christian Brothers, former Vice-President of the International Student Association, former International Student Ambassador, current leader of an out of state Spring Service Trip (Luminate), former participant of 2013 spring break service trip to Lampe Missouri (Luminate), former participant of May service trip to Winnebago Nebraska (Luminate), 2013 Sacristan for ministry, Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Greeter, Current University Liturgical Coordinator, Properties Director for Phillip Lynch’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”, etc., shows much improvement and involvement. Considering this is a university run by the Lasallian Christian Brothers, I feel comfortable saying that the Flyer King and Queen should possess or have experienced the three elements that the letters at the end of our presidents name, FSC, stands for; which are Faith, Service and Community. Leading and participating in many retreats on campus and living on campus has left me with many friendships and experiences of community; also, my service experiences to local venues as well as out of state, Missouri and Nebraska, service has also left me with more experiences of community and, of course, service. Although faith is something that is hard to be measured or put on paper, my participation in daily and Sunday night Masses, as well as, my positions of Eucharistic Minister, Peer Minister, Lector, Sacristan and Liturgical coordinator should somewhat resonate my inner heart intentions for the Will of God and his omnipresent existence in my life. I would be honored to have your vote!