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Flyer King and Queen Candidates
  • GeorgiaAlcazar.jpg

    Georgia Alcazar
    Major: Criminal Justice
    Minor: Spanish Studies

    My name is Georgia Alcazar and I am majoring in Criminal Justice with a Spanish Studies minor. I would like to represent Lewis as Homecoming Queen because I have been able to keep a level of diversity and sincerity in my academic and professional fields. I have sought to take advantage of every opportunity that this school has provided me in order to grow as a student and as a person, and being Homecoming Queen would complete my college experience.I possess the leadership skills that can best represent the different aspects of the university. I am a founding member of Alpha Psi Lambda Co-ed Fraternity and am currently the Associate Member Educator, I am a rep for Inter Greek Council, and I work as a Resident Assistant and in the President's Office. I am dedicated to serving the university campus and would be honored to represent its amazing students! Go Flyers!

  • Natalie-Asp.jpg Natalie Asp
    Major: Social Work
    Minor: Theology

    Hi everyone my name is Natalie and I am going to be a senior this year at Lewis. I have been very involved on campus since I was a freshman, and while most of my activities have been through the University Ministry department and the Admissions office, I have also tried out other activities as well. Some of my favorites have been being a tour guide for prospective families, being a student leader for our Catalyst and Koinonia retreats, and performing in the Christmas show at the Philip Lynch Theatre! I have also been an overnight host, sang in Harmonic Uprising, lead/attended LUMINATE trips, and been a liturgical minister. I have also attempted to play intramurals (I wasn't the MVP but had a lot of fun!!). In my free time I love to watch movies, eat a lot of junk food, and watch any kind of pro sports. I would like to be Flyer Queen because Lewis has been such a big part of my life and representing the University in this way would be such an honor!

  • Angela Carey

    Angela Carey
    Major: Combined Elementary and Special Education

    My name Angela Carey and I'm majoring in Elementary and Special Education. I am a fun, motivated, passionate, and dedicated to Lewis and love to help others. I have an outgoing personality, which helps me connect to others very well. I have been involved in many things throughout my years at Lewis. I am a member of Theta Kappa Pi, which is a service sorority to raise awareness for domestic violence. I am also a member of Teachers of Tomorrow, which is an organization that focuses their needs on lower income families. I love sports, so I love to play intramural sports, especially flag football, soccer, and volleyball. I like to participate in activities that ministry does, such as Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat and Adopting a family, during Christmas time. All the community service I do represents myself in many ways and help build me to who I am today.

  • Stephanie Daley

    Stephanie Daley
    Major: Early Childhood Education
    Minor: Theatre

    Why should you vote for Steph Daley for homecoming? Well that's a good question? So I'll work giving a great answer. I would love to represent Lewis and the student body as the homecoming queen to promote school spirit. Each college experience is all about how every person indulges in the environment. The size of the school does not matter- what matters is what you make of it. I have loved my experience here at Lewis because I have followed my passions and gotten involved. Over my three years here, I have gotten involved in dance, theater and university ministry. Even though these are personal passions, I've learned something greater. The community has offered a greater experience than the activities alone. I would not trade my college experience for anything and I would love to share this positive experience with all! In "Mean Girls" fashion, I'm sure the crown is plastic, and so we can all have a piece;)

  • Amanda Jones

    Amanda Jones
    Major: Secondary Education and History
    Minor: African American Studies

    Hello all. A little tidbit of information: I am an education and history major and an African American studies minor and pride myself on good grades, and I am advocate for education. And now for the good stuff… When I found out I was nominated for homecoming queen, I was a little shocked because I never saw myself as the homecoming queen type; nonetheless I am honored and excited to be nominated for queen. It speaks volumes to know the work and commitment I put in to Lewis University is noticed and appreciated. Being crowned queen has a lot of qualifications: are you involved on campus, are you a leader, do you have a good personality, etc.; it’s not just a popularity contest anymore. Since my freshman year I have been actively involved in organizations such as class councils, BSU, SGB, Sigma Gamma Rho, LASO, and NPHC; and have held executive positions in all, but one of these organizations. Support is very important among the Lewis community, and I try and support as many organizations as I possibly can and attend their events. I would be truly honored if I was elected homecoming queen and would represent the school and student population well. Homecoming week will be amazing and I will actively participate in as many activities as I possibly can. My personality exudes with all I do and it will definitely radiate if I am blessed enough to be crowned as your 2013 homecoming queen.

  • Abraham AdrianzenAbraham Adrianzen
    Major: Accountancy

    My name is Abraham Joshua Adrianzen (also known as AJ). I am a Senior now at Lewis University with a major in Accountancy and GPA of 3.25/4.0. Some hobbies of mine are listening to music, playing soccer, watching movies, and spending time with family & friends. I am a blessed young man that is compassionate, respectful, honest, and outgoing. I should be Flyer King because I uphold the mission of Lewis University daily with pride. For instance, knowledge applies to me applies due to the constant learning experience inside and out of the classroom. as a strong Christian man, fidelity defines my character through the constant faith and loyalty I have to Lewis University and to God as well. Wisdom has molded and matured my mind through the constant experiences I have gained here at Lewis University. Justice is exemplified through my title as a Resident Assistant. I am stationed in Sheil Hall to ensure the equality and safety of each and every one of my residents. Association is not just a part of myself, but to all the students of Lewis University as well. I am here not to just earn a degree, but to see my peers succeed and collaborate in expanding a positive influence on the Lewis University community. My campus involvement includes the Lewis University Library and Residence Life as well. Both occupations are very time consuming; however, I am very happy and privileged to represent two wonderful organizations. Vote for me Lewis and thank you once again for all of your support!

  • Kevin Burke

    Kevin Burke
    Major: BioChemistry
    Minor: Broadcasting/Multimedia Journalism
    My name is Kevin Burke, a senior majoring in biochemistry and from the small town of Manhattan Illinois! I am a member of the Scholar’s Academy and American Chemical Society here at Lewis. I also take part in one of the numerous undergraduate research projects under the chemistry department. You may have seen me present my work at events such as Celebration of Scholarship and the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (S.U.R.E. program). I am currently a volunteer at Rush Hospital in Chicago and have participated in several other community activities such as Feed My Starving Children and Relay for Life. I love working with other people and I also love to travel! In my free time I am very active playing many of the Lewis Intermural Sports, pond hockey in the winter, and I am also assistant captain of a sponsored national paintball team out of St. Louis Missouri. My professional goals are to proceed on to medical school into an M.D. program, unless of course the Blackhawks offer me a spot on their team! I am very caring and compassionate about what I take part in here at LU which I believe reflects the great leader that I will become. Please support me and vote for me as your 2013 Homecoming King!!

  • Justin Lewis Justin Lewis
    Major: Air Traffic Control Management
    Minor: Aviation Flight, Aviation Dispatch, Business Administration

    My name is Justin Lewis (no relation to Lewis University) and I am a Senior majoring in Air Traffic Control, with minors in Aviation Flight, Aviation Dispatch, and Business Administration. Since my freshman year at Lewis I have worked in the Office of Admissions, where later I was hired as a campus Navigator (tour guide). While at Lewis I tried to keep myself busy with different clubs, organizations, and events around campus. I am a member of AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives), a host for Lewis' overnight program, a participant in Lewis Intramurals, a volunteer for a few service projects and recently I have become a Resident Assistant currently in Dorothy Day hall. I really enjoy meeting new people and making people smile! I feel like I should be Lewis University's Homecoming King because I represent Lewis in a positive way, I am actively involved throughout the University and I am proud to be a "Lewis" Flyer!

  • Fausto (Tito) Ponce
    Major: Special & Elementary Education
    Minor: Marketing

    A king is someone who is highly respected, successful, loved, and popular. In order to be considered a king, one has to be loved and respected simultaneously amongst his fellow peers. A king also possesses leadership traits and maintains composure in times of chaos. The simple gesture of being nominated and presented the opportunity for Homecoming King is an honor in itself. This nomination demonstrates that I possess the characteristics of being a king and I am highly regarded among the student body at Lewis University. Being President of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. has given me the experience and knowledge expected of a king. Leading an organization isn't as simple as it seems, but my brothers have confidence and faith in my abilities to successfully manage our organization's best year ever. My brothers, friends, and peers think I should be King, so why shouldn't you.

  • Ross Reed
    Major: Public Relations
    Minor: Radio/Tv, Multimedia Marketing, Journalism

    My name is Ross Reed, I'm a senior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Radio/TV, Multimedia Journalism, and Marketing. Aside from being just a fabulous individual I'm a Resident Assistant, News Editor for the Flyer, radio personality on WLRA and theater geek! I enjoy being involved on campus and making long lasting memories. I like to write , eat and make people laugh. As far as homecoming king, I just want to represent anyone with a story and positive message. To quote from my favorite movie, "The Help," You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important! Hope I can win your vote. Peace and snaps for all of you!