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Free Technology Courses

The IMPACT Lab offers free technology classes to registered students and alumni. Select a class from the full workshop listing or one from a particular topic below.

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"Ask a Trainer" Project Support

Stuck on a technology-related project? The IMPACT Lab Ask a Trainer service is just what you need. All you need to do is send the IMPACT Lab staff an email or set a one-on-one appointment with an IMPACT Lab trainer. An expert trainer will help get you back on track.

Custom Technology Workshops

Lewis University instructors and student organizations can set up free custom technology workshops for students. Any of the IMPACT Lab's open-enrollment classes can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a particular class or student organization. We can also offer other "off-the-wall" workshops to meet unique needs of a particular class or student organization. We can deliver workshops during a regularly scheduled class or meeting. We offer day, evening, and/or weekend options. After the workshop(s), the IMPACT Lab staff will continue to support students, even as alumni. Find out more or submit a request today.