McDonald's Alliance

Alliance Details

Lewis University is among a select group of institutions that McDonald’s recommends to it employees who are looking to further their education. McDonald’s employees who are eligible to participate in this agreement includes McDonald’s USA employees and retirees, franchisees, and franchisees’ employees.

McDonald’s employees are welcome to pursue any degree or professional development seminar offered by Lewis, however, specific degree programs and seminars are recommended to meet the professional goals of McDonald’s restaurant, mid-level, and executive level managers. Coursework currently recommended through the alliance will lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management, a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Business Administration degree, a Master of Science degree in Project Management, or to business certificates. McDonald’s employees who enroll in these programs will have the opportunity to draw upon the strengths of the University’s College of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, and the School for Professional and Continuing Education.

These degree programs are outlined in detail below (PDF format):

McDonald’s managers who have obtained ACE credit for training through Hamburger University may be approved for 12-19 hours of course credit toward the BA in Management degree and 19 hours of course credit toward the BS in Business Administration degree.

Adult Students

In 2005, the American Council on Education (ACE) approved the application of Hamburger University coursework to be considered for 46 college credit hours by accredited degree-granting colleges and universities. Each college and university involved in the initiative will determine those ACE recommended courses which are equivalent and transferable for a degree program at their institution. Utilized by corporations, labor unions, professional and volunteer organizations, schools, government agencies and training suppliers, ACE provides course equivalency information to facilitate credit award decisions.

As a preferred educational provider to McDonald’s USA/Hamburger University, Lewis University has agreed to extend a 5 percent discount off of the regularly published tuition price to employees who enroll in courses at any existing Lewis University location as well as in online and blended courses.

McDonald’s employees who enroll in degree programs at Lewis will take courses at one or more of the University’s campuses including the main campus in Romeoville, as well as those in Oak Brook, Hickory Hills and Tinley Park. Accelerated courses are taught in five- to eight-week sessions throughout the calendar year. Several instructional options are offered, allowing those who enroll to best match their personal learning styles and busy schedules. Online and blended course options are available, and on-site courses are held during the day, evenings, and on weekends.