I need Technical Support…what do I do!?

Don’t worry, I’ve sent an email.

IT help will not be available in the library this semester, but don’t fret! You can still get their help by follow these steps.

On-Campus Technical Support

Procedure to obtain in-person technical support from the Office of Technology Service Desk for the upcoming Fall semester:

  • Appointments for support are required, please call (815) 836-5950 or email the Service Desk servicedesk@lewisu.edu with the contact information provided below so a service ticket could be issued with a description of your problem and an appointment can be made during the posted hours of operation.
  • Face masks must be worn when visiting the Office Technology Service Desk at the lower level of the Learning Resources Center (LRC).
  • When visiting the Service Desk by appointment, please follow signage or markings for social distancing should there be more than one person be in the vicinity.  Service while you wait is not encouraged for the safety of our staff and constituents.
  • If it is deemed that your Lewis-issued equipment is in need of further service or repair, you will be asked to leave it with our technical staff and you will be contacted for pickup once it is ready.  Loaner equipment may be available on a limited basis. 
  • Support for classroom, office, laboratory, events or general on-campus activities is provided by contacting the Service Desk at (815) 836-5950 so support staff can be dispatched immediately to the location on campus.

Phone Technical Support

Phone service hours (815) 836-5950 to obtain technical support:

Monday – Thursday       8am – 9pm
Friday8am – 5pm
Saturday9am – 5pm
Sunday10am – 9pm

Office of Technology

Technology Support & Operations

Phone: 815-836-5950

Email: servicedesk@lewisu.edu

Web self-service: https://servicedesk.lewisu.edu

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