Spring break is over and we are getting into the final stretch of the semester. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed or just need a break, visit the Stress Relief Guide, the Not-So-Research Guide of the Week!!

Here, you can find library resources such as our Fly By Videos, reminders for Tippi Tuesdays, and of course contacts for research help. You can also find additional places you can get help on campus such as LARC, the Writing Center, or the Center for Health and Counseling, depending on your needs. There are also some pretty fun videos and music suggestions to help in decreasing stress as well as games, coloring pages, and comics.


Even though this isn’t research-based, while you are checking this guide out, you can feel free to peruse the other guides in the Research Guide list and something might catch your eye and help you in one of your current classes.


As always, if you need any support in your research assignment, feel free to make an appointment or reach out via chat (under Contact Us). Good luck in your studies!

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