Have you completed a Summon search and saw that you acquired almost a million results and are having trouble figuring out how to find the best matches to what you are looking for? Are you struggling to find ways to narrow down those results? Here is our easy step-by-step on the first ways to narrow down your search results:


Basic Summon Search: 3 Easy Steps

1. Go to the Library Website


2. Enter your search terms in the box under EASILY DISCOVER THE WORLD OF LIBRARY CONTENT
3. Click Search  





Refining Your Results:

1 Refine your results to get the best possible articles for your research
2 A.    On the left side of the screen, refine your search to include only articles that are available in full text online to eliminate frustration of not being able to access an article you need, when you need it.



B.    Click the second box if you need Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed articles for your research.

3 Determine the kind of information you are looking for and limit by content type
4 Change the publication date range as you see fit or as required by the assignment.
5 If you still have too many results, you can further refine your search by selecting specific subject terms that cover your topic. Click “more” to see all of the options available.


✰Tip: Select only one subject term to narrow the topic initially, then select “more” again if you still need to refine the results. This will give you the narrower results you expect.


These tips are a good start in narrowing down your initial results. You can use alternate search terms (key words) as well in order to vary the results you find. As always, don’t hesitate to chat or make an appointment for help with your research assignments.

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