Research guide(s) of the week!!


Under the Research Guides page of the library site, there is a special little section called How Do I? This section of guides covers some library basics to help in multiple aspects of research and college life in general. Specifically, there are 3 important guides you should take a peek at:


Fly By Video — for DVD’s to watch for fun or for class, you can see lists of movies by genre that we have available to physically rent at the circulation desk. Each user can rent two movies for three days.


Interlibrary Loan and I-Share — for information about borrowing books and materials from other Illinois libraries and having them sent directly to Lewis to conveniently pick-up. This is also an


option for renting some of your textbooks, but we suggest you stop by the research desk or send us a chat on further information on this.


Understanding Scholarly Information — Did your professor ask you to only retrieve materials that are “peer-reviewed” or did they use words like “reputable” or “academic”? Are you confused at what this means and why you can’t just use good old Google or Wikipedia? This guide introduces WHY it’s important to use scholarly sources and HOW you can find them. Even if you think you understand, this guide offers easy to understand explanations that may assist you in beginning research on a new topic.


As always, if you need additional research help, don’t hesitate to chat or make an appointment!

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