Banned Books Week 2021

Word Cloud of common reasons for book challenges.
Censorship is NOT cool.

It’s the beginning of this year’s Banned Books Week. A lot of books have been banned or challenged this year due to BOTH racism AND anti-racism, BLM, and LGBTQIA+ themes.

There are many webinars you can watch to expand your knowledge and enlighten yourself to what Banned Books Week means and how to advocate for your right to read.

You can check them out at the Banned Books Week website or head over to Pen America where they will be discussing topics like Gender Identity, Political and Historical Censorship, and the Erasure of Black Thought among other topics.

Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2020
Let people read what they want to read.

You can check out one of these books from your Lewisu Library, or request a copy from I-Share.

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