Monthly Archives: October 2018

Open Access Week

This week is Open Access Week in library land…and all across the land really.  Open access sources are extremely important to research.  Not only are they free, but they also allow the free spread of ideas that research fields need to prosper.

Here at the Lewis Library, our amazing library Kelly Plass has put together a research guide to help you verify good open source material versus ones that might not be so good:

Once you have gone over her guide, we also recommend you check out this short documentary about the need for more open access sources for scholarship:


Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week is always the last week of September.  It is a week that celebrates the freedom to be able to read whatever you choose.  In today’s society, books are being banned more due to issues of diversity.  James La Rue, Director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom states, “there’s been a shift toward seeking to ban books focused on issues of diversity, things that are by or about people of color, or LGBT, or disabilities, or religious and cultural minorities and that shift is very clear” (IFLA blog, Sept 27, 2018).

That is why we are partnering this year for our Banned Books Read Out with the office of Multicultural Student Services.  Please join us on October 2nd at 4pm at the new Brother James Gaffney, FSC Student Center.  The theme of this year’s Banned Book Week is “Banning Books Silences Stories.”  We want to make sure all of our voices are heard.  Won’t you add yours to ours?