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Meet the Library Staff: Liping Qin

LQ photo

Liping Qin is the Library’s Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian. Her duties include managing the Library’s database and electronic resource subscriptions. She also coordinates the content review process. You can reach her by email at lqin(at)lewisu(dot)edu, or just stop by the Library and say hi!

What aspects of your position as Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian
are you most excited about?

I am most excited to offer diverse resources and collections and make them accessible in a timely manner for the Lewis community.

What made you decide to become a librarian? What is your favorite part of the job?

I love reading books, and I like the atmosphere of academic libraries. My favorite part of the job is monitoring and analyzing the acquisition of all library materials.

How has the role of the acquisitions librarian changed as more and more information is available in electronic formats?

With the ongoing shift from print to electronic formats for library resources, the role of the acquisitions librarian has been evolving. In the digital era, the acquisitions librarian plays five new key roles: advocate, liaison, license negotiator, data analyst, and collection manager.

What are you passionate about?

Reading, jogging, and gardening.

If you had a year off with pay (hypothetically, of course!), what would you do?

I would travel around the world to experience other cultures.

What are you reading (or what was the last book you read)?

I am reading Adventure Capitalist: the Ultimate Road Trip by Jim Rogers.

Library Open Late for Super Study

The Library will be open extra hours for your late-night study needs. In addition to study space, librarians will also be on hand to answer questions in person or via phone, text, chat or email. We’ll also have stress-relief activities in the Glass Conference Room and free coffee at hot chocolate in the vending area (while supplies last).

Good luck on your finals, Flyers!