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Meet the New Library Staff


The Library’s newest staff member is Technical Services Assistant Sarah Krause. Sarah’s duties include cataloging and processing new library resources and scanning materials for our digital collections. You can reach her by email at, or just stop by the Library and say hi!

Welcome to Lewis University Library, Sarah!  What aspects of your new position as Technical Services Assistant are you most excited about?

 As a Technical Services Assistant, I am excited to work with library materials and to have the opportunity to work as a team.

 What made you decide to become a librarian? What is your favorite part of the job? 

I decided to become a librarian initially because of my love of libraries. While I love libraries for providing access to books, they offer more than just books. All libraries share the goal of engaging with their communities and servicing them with resources and services.

My favorite part of my job as a Technical Services Assistant is processing library materials and cataloging them so library patrons can have access to them.

Libraries are constantly evolving. What are some things that you would like to see happen at the Lewis library?

 I would like to see the Lewis University Library offer interesting and fun programs to engage its community. It would also be incredible to see the Lewis University Library participate in University events.

What are you passionate about?

 In addition to libraries, I am passionate about animals, nature, reading, travel, and exercise.

If you had a year off with pay (hypothetically, of course!), what would you do?

If I had a year off work with pay I would travel the world. For example, I have always wanted to go to Italy, Greece, France, and Japan etc.

What are you reading (or what was the last book you read)?

I am currently reading two National Geographic books about the Medieval era as well as a variety of different manga.

Database of the Week

ERIC is the Education Resource Information
Center . This database provides access to education literature and resources
and contains more than 1.3 million records. It provides access to information
from journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and
Resources in Education Index.

In the Advanced Search, you can choose many different filters to make your
search results more compatible with what you are trying to find. You can
choose whether you would like an article or a document, the education level
you are targeting, publication type, publication date, intended audience,
language, etc. This database provides so many resources for education
majors and graduate students, so please take a minute and explore it if you
haven’t gotten the chance to yet!
If you need additional help using this database or any others, we are
available to help via chat (under Contact Us) and appointment !!

Don’t Wait! Consultate!

Admittedly, consultate isn’t a word, but CONSULTATION is and by definition
that means a formal meeting with an expert to discuss a topic. A research
consultation is a meeting between you and a librarian that is geared towards
helping you complete research assignments. We can help you discover a
topic or help to just narrow down broad ideas into a topic that can be used in
a research assignment. If you are having trouble finding specific articles to
cite that match your topic, we can help you with navigating our online
databases. If you’ve hit a dead end in your research assignment and would
like some one-on-one support to ease your frustrations, then sign up for an
appointment online, call, or stop by the research desk in the library. A
librarian or a peer research assistant are also available to chat with you
online and answer questions through email during normal library hours, so
don’t hesitate to utilize any of these resources available to you!

A Reminder: Requesting Articles Through Summon

If you are searching for an article using Summon , and the full text isn’t
available for you, you can request the article through interlibrary loan. Most
articles that are from sources we have access to will say “Full Text Online”
and send you to the journal where you can easily find a link to the pdf
version. However, if under the article title and details it says “Citation
Online”, you can click the TITLE of the article, click REQUEST, and on the
right hand side click REQUEST VIA INTERLIBRARY LOAN. See the figure
below for a visual map of a search result.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact the Library Research department if you
need additional research help via chat (under Contact Us) or make an
appointment for some one-on-one help.

Writing a Lit Review? READ ABOUT THIS GUIDE!

This week we want to highlight the Educational Research Resource Guide. Located under Education in the Research Guide list, this guide is an amazing resource, especially for graduate students in the College of Education. There are books on school management & leadership as well as ones on teaching & learning located under the Education Books tab. There are also databases highlighted especially for this discipline such as Explora, ERIC, Education Research Complete, Teaching Professor, and more!


Are you writing a literature review? There is an entire section in this guide dedicated to helping you understand what a lit review is and how to write one. There are videos as well as additional resources linked in order to help you do your very best.


As always, feel free to make an appointment or reach out via chat (under Contact Us).

Summon Search Tips

On your next Summon search, try to search within a specific discipline. For example, biology or education or nursing, etc. You can do this by clicking the Menu icon on the top right, and clicking Advanced Search. Then you just choose whatever qualifiers as well as your specific discipline. See the pictures below for visuals and as always, please do not hesitate to reach out through visiting the desk, making an appointment for a consultation, chat, or phone (Contact Us)! We are happy to help with any and all research related questions!

Database Help

If you are wanting to look at a specific database (Ovid and other EBSCO databases especially), but it gives you an error message telling you that the login has timed out or that you need to be affiliated with the school to login, then try these suggestions:


  1. Can you access other library databases?

If this problem is only affecting OVID, then continue with the suggestions below.


  1. Can you access other websites (e.g. Google)?

If there is no problem with your web access, please continue to the next suggestion.



  1. Clear your browser cookies and cache (browser history).

 After you have cleared the cookies and browser history, try to connect to OVID again. If you are unsure how to clear your browser cache or cookies, please call the Help Desk at 815-836-5950.


  1. Try another web browser.

Firefox and Google Chrome are usually the most reliable, but some databases may have specific browser requirements.

If none of these solve the issue, please contact the Lewis University Library to report the problem. We are available to help via chat (under Contact Us) and appointment as well as email and phone.

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