What Major Should I Select On My College Application?

If only we could get a penny for every time we get this question, right?  How do I choose a major, and what if I want to change my major later? 

At most US colleges and universities, students do not need to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year. This will allow students enough time to adjust to college life and try out a few classes to help guide them to a major.

When your students are stressed about selecting a major on their college applications, please encourage them to keep an open mind.  Doing a little homework about program qualifications, future careers and individual personality fit is important, but most of the time getting admitted to a university allows them time to continue to explore their options. 

There are many resources available to research career fields and majors; one example is MyMajors.com. The mission of these websites is to help students develop a pathway to complete their degrees. 

There are more than 1,800 majors to choose. In many instances, the best major for a student fulfills their interests and lets them follow their passions.

Please reassure your students that selecting undecided for their major is an acceptable path for their college journey.  They can still graduate on time and benefit from the full college experience.

About Ashley Skidmore

Ashley Skidmore is Vice President of Enrollment Management at Lewis University.

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