If a programmer coded an organization …

If a programmer coded an organization
In the same way she codes an application
What an amazing organization it would be.

Wall Street would surely go bonkers
As every competitor it conquered
Faded fast into history

She’d start with a base of classes
That capture all the abstractions
That time will make extend.

And then she’d make additions
That satisfy all conditions
Any new use case could portend.

She’d celebrate simplicity
And minimize duplicity
With clear, concise interfaces.

And she’d comment every part
To tie the science to the art
Within each pair of braces.

No action would be political
As that would be illogical
And that would never do.

Each step of the implementation
Would support the manifestation
Of an elegant milieu.

Every piece would be tested
So no bad data could best it.
It would guarantee to do right.

For when a programmer codes an organization
It will win the world’s admiration.
With its understated might.

About Ray Klump

Professor and chair of Mathematics and Computer Science Director, Master of Science in Information Security Lewis University http://online.lewisu.edu/ms-information-security.asp, http://online.lewisu.edu/resource/engineering-technology/articles.asp, http://cs.lewisu.edu. You can find him on Google+.

One thought on “If a programmer coded an organization …

  1. Leslie Colonna
    July 29, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Dear Ray,

    Very nice! I’m hoping I might see this, or any of your other creative acts, in next spring’s Windows Fine Arts Magazine!


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