Dr. Vesna Markovic

Chair and Associate Professor of Justice, Law and Public Safety Studies

Ph.D., Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University, 2009
— Dissertation: “Suicide Bombings and Lethality: A statistical analysis of tactics, techniques and procedures”
M.A., Criminal Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1999
B.A., Criminal Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1995

Areas of expertise:
Graduate Applied Research Methods 1 & 2
Research Methods (Undergrad)
Criminal and Psychological Profiling
Criminal Investigations
Organized Crime
Homeland Security

Professional Background:
Dr. Markovic has developed a robust career in criminal justice, focusing on terrorism and other areas of organized crime. She began her professional career in academia as an assistant professor at the University of New Haven, and eventually became Assistant Dean for the College of Criminal Justice. She also served as Principal Investigator and obtained several grants for the institution and at Sam Houston State University prior to that. Upon obtaining her doctoral degree, she became the Director of the Institute for the Study of Violent Groups (ISVG). She previously worked as a Private Investigator doing corporate due diligence Investigations at Search International.

Research Interests:
Dr. Markovic’s research interests include terrorism, transnational crime and comparative criminal justice.

Research and Publications:

(2022) Markovic, V. and Skubic, K. “How2Inform” Teachers’ Classroom Podcast – https://www.audible.com/pd/How2Inform-with-Dr-Vesna-Markovic-Kimberley-Skubic-Podcast/B09VVJBPQW?ref=a_pd_Podcas_c3_lAsin_0_0&pf_rd_p=625c212d-b95a-47db-8d56-d35a359de6e9&pf_rd_r=VBKRYQQC8SMNGZEFXHKB

(2022) Tin, D., Galehan, J., Markovic, V. and Ciottone, G.R. Suicide Bombing Terrorism – CORRIGENDUM, Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. DOI: 10.1017/S1049023X22000176

(2021) Markovic, V. Fighting a Losing Battle? Terrorism Financing in Nigeria and Somalia. South African Journal of International Affairs. DOI: 10.1080/10220461.2021.1924253

(2021) Markovic, V. and Skubic, K. “Combatting Misinformation Online, One Meme at a Time.” Parents with Preparedness Magazine. https://magazine.pwporg.org/combating-misinformation-online-one-meme-at-a-time-by-dr-vesna-markovic-and-kimberley-m-skubic/

(2021) Faculty Advisor: The I2P: Invent to Prevent run by the McCain Institute at Arizona State University. Spring 2021 $2,000 – Received sustainment funding for our project – How2Inform preventing targeted violence by combatting misinformation online – in Fall 2021 for 1 year $5,000 from the Department of Homeland Security.

(2019) Markovic, V. Suicide Squad: Boko Haram’s Use of the Female Suicide Bomber. Journal of Women and Crime: Special Terrorism Issue. Vol. 29(4-5): 283-302.

(2017) Markovic, V. & Gray, K.E. Revenge of Zarqawi: The Islamic State Attacks in Iran, E- International Relations, online, July 21, 2017. https://www.e-ir.info/2017/07/21/revenge-of-zarqawi-the-islamic-state-attacks-iran/

(2017)  Markovic, V. Infants: The New Terrorist Weapon? Forbes Magazine, op-ed, April 10, 2017. https://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2017/04/10/infants-the-new-terrorist-weapon/?sh=5a392653551d

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Press: Durham, NC.

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