Dr. Laurette Liesen

Professor, Chair, Political Science/Public Administration

Bio-behavioral approaches to politics, Darwinian feminism, women and politics, political philosophy and theories of human nature

1996 Ph.D., Loyola University- Chicago
1989 M.A., Loyola University- Chicago
1987 B.A., Loyola University- Chicago

Contributing Editor for Submissions and Peer Reviews for the interdisciplinary journal Politics and the Life Sciences, September 2008-present.
Executive Council member of Association for Politics and the Life Sciences,
American Political Science Association,
Midwest Political Science Association

“The Tangled Web She Weaves:The Evolution of Female-Female Aggression and Status-seeking.” Evolution’s Empress: How Females Shape Human Adaptation,  2011.

“States’ Response to Parental Divestment: Could Safe Haven Legislation Lead to More Child Abandonment?” To be published in Research in Biopolitics, 2011.

“Feminists, Fear Not Evolutionary Theory, But Remain Very Cautious of Evolutionary Psychology”. Book Review. Sex Roles, 2010,

Book review of Geoffrey Miller, “Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior” (Viking Press, 2009), Politics and the Life Sciences, April 2009, vol. 28: 40-42.

“The Use of Campaign Websites by Low Visibility State and Local Candidates,” Joseph Gaziano and Laurette Liesen, Illinois Political Science Review, Spring 2009, 13:29-59.

“The Evolution of Gendered Behavior: The Contributions from Feminist Evolutionists” in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, October 2008.

“Developing Animal Rights Legislation: A Political Strategy for a Social Movement” with Dr. Joseph Gaziano and Jaquie Lewis in Illinois Political Science Review, Summer 2008.

“The Evolution of Gendered Political Behavior: Contributions from Feminist Evolutionists in Sex Roles,” September 2008. Women, Evolution, and Behavior: Understanding the Debate Between Feminist Evolutionists and Evolutionary Psychologists, Politics and the Life Sciences, March 2007

“Teaching with New Technologies,” with Dr. Joseph Gaziano at the Midwest Political Science Assosciation’s Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, April 23, 2010.

“Abandoned Baby Legislation: The States’ Response to Parental Divestment,” at the American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting, Toronto, CA, September 6, 2009.

“Use of Campaign Websites by Candidates Running for State and Local Office” with Dr. Joseph Gaziano at the Midwest Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting, April 2009.

“Use of Podcasting in the Classroom,” with Dr. Joseph Gaziano at the ACCA Scholarship of Pedagogy Symposium, Lewis University, October 17, 2009.

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