Dr. Katherine Helm-Lewis

Professor, Director of Graduate Program


Dr. Katherine Helm’s book, Hooking Up: The Psychology of Sex and Dating (The Psychology of Everyday Life), is set for release next month.  This book is an engaging and comprehensive resource for high school and college students on modern topics in human sexuality, covering subjects such as gender roles and dating to sexual orientation and sex itself.  The text explores what does the “script” of modern dating look like, and what roles do sex and cultural norms play?


2001 Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
1998 M.A., Southern Illinois University
1995 B.S., University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign


Duris, K. & Helm, K. (2015, March). Providing clinical supervision through a developmental model. Presentation at the Illinois Counseling Association’s 5th Annual Southern Conference, Collinsville, IL.


Lewis, A. & Helm, K. (2015). Social networking and support: No, I don’t know how to play golf. Black faculty in the academy: Narratives for negotiating identity and achieving career success. Bonner, F. Marbley, A., Tuitt, Fr., Robinson, P., Banda, R., and Hughes, R. (Eds.). New York, NY: Routledge.


Editorial board for the SAGE Encyclopedia of Marriage, Family, and, Couples Counseling. Carlson, J. and Dermer, S., Eds. Videotaped therapy talks and counseling sessions for Alexander Street Press, intended for master’s and doctoral level trainees.

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