Dr. Joseph Kozminski

Associate Professor, Chair, Physics

Comparative planetology, physics

2005 Ph.D., Michigan State University
2001 M.S., Michigan State University
2000 B.S., University of Notre Dame

“Active Astronomy: Using Pluto’s Demotion to Introduce Students to Comparative Planetology” at the University of Chicago.

“Higgs Hunting: an Introduction to the Standard Model and the Search for the Remaining Piece” at Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI.

“Advanced Lab: A Training Ground for Responsible Scientists” at the AAPT/AAAS Joint Winter Meeting, February 2009.

“Making the Transition from Introductory to Upper-Lever Courses” and “College Labs and Curriculum.”

“Student Understanding of and Attitudes toward Pluto’s Reclassification” at the Joint AAPT/APS Winter Meeting in Washington DC, Feb 2010.

“What Makes a Good Advanced Lab Experiment?” at the Advanced Lab Topical Conference in Ann Arbor, MI, July 2009.

“Innovations in the Introductory Laboratories” session at the AAPT Summer Meeting, July 2009

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