Dr. James Tallon

Associate Professor, History

Turkey, Middle East, Balkans, Ottoman Empire

Ph. D, University of Chicago, 2012
M.A., University of Chicago, 2003
M.A., University of Chicago, 2000
B.S., Winona State University, 1997


Middle East Studies Association
Midwest Association for Middle East and Islamic Studies
Midwest World History Association
Society of  Military History

“Nationalism in the Balkans an Overview/ Balkanlarda Milliyetçilik Üzerine Bir Bakış” in Zeynep İskefiyeli ed. The Balkans in the Turkish History/ Turk Tarihinde Balkanlar. Eskişehir, Turkey: Sakaraya University Press, 2013, 619-632.

“Revaluating the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913” The Journal of the World War I Historical Association (Volume 1, #4, Fall 2012) 19-23.

“Ottoman Armies 1200-1453” Weapons and War Encyclopedia Revised Edition Volume 1. Ancient and Medieval Warfare John Powell ed. Pasadena, California: Salem Press, 2010.

Midwest Association for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Conference at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL, 4-12-14. “Crafting Islamic Civilization Curricula”

 Nineteenth Century Society Association Conference in Chicago, IL, 3-22-14.  “Urbanism in the Ottoman Balkans”

The Midwest World History Association Conference in Springfield, OH, 9-28-13 “The Imperialism of Reclamation and Regeneration: The Ottoman Empire, Spain, and Portugal and New Categories for Imperialism”

The Midwest Association for Middle East and Islamic Studies, Terra Haute, IN 4-6-13 “Establishing the Frontier and Incorporating the Periphery: Revisiting Centralization at the Edge of Empire and the CUP Policy in the Late Ottoman Empire”

Middle Eastern Studies Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO The Experience of War: Ordinary Ottomans and Prolonged Conflict 11-19-12 “The Experience of Ottoman Soldiers in the CUP’s War of Centralization”

International Balkan Annual Conference, Tirana, Albania Nation Building in Albania 10-11-12 “Re-evaluating the Albanian Rebellions of 1909-1912 in the History of the Balkans and the Ottoman Empire”

Balkan Worlds Conference Ottoman past and Balkan nationalism, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece 10-6-12 “The “Albanian Vilayets” of the Ottoman Empire as a Zone of Contention, 1909-1912”

Northern Great Plains History Conference, Fargo, ND The Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Republic, and the Balkans 9-29-12 “Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Ottoman Civilizing Mission, 1908-1912

Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, MI Nationalism, Power, and Education in Comparative Context 10-07-11“Contesting the Nation and the State through Education: The Struggle for and between National Schools in the Late Ottoman Balkans”

Midwest World History Association Conference, Milwaukee, WI Nationalism and Revolution: Harmony and Discord during Nation-building 9-16-11 “Harmony in Discord: The Age of Revolution 1900-1925 in the Black Sea World”

Society for Military History Annual Meeting, Lisle, IL Fighting World War I 6-11-11 “The Young Turks and Ottoman Anti-Insurrectionary Operations 1910-1912”

Turks/Ottomans in Conflict 1800-2010: New Approaches, New York, NY 4-29-11 “Peripheral Incorporation, the War for Centralization, and Ottomanism: Young Turk Reform in the Provinces 1910-1912”

Missouri Valley History Conference, Omaha, NE Conflicts, Contacts, and Influences in the Muslim World 3-04-11“Peripheral Incorporation, Civil War, and Ottomanism: Young Turk Reform in the Provinces 1910-1912”

 Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, MI Causes and Consequences of Civil Wars Through the Ages 10-09-10 The Young Turks and the War for Centralization”



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