Dr. Ibrahim Mescioglu

Associate Professor, MIS

College of Business


2008 Ph.D.,University of Texas – Dallas
2006 M.Sc., University of Texas – Dallas
1998 B.Sc., Bilkent University


Bates, M. O., Klemic, G., & Mescioglu, I. (2014, October). Five plus five greater than or equal to ten: Accelerating student learning: An improvement plan based on SLO assessments. Poster session presented at the 2014 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis, IN.

Mescioglu, I. (2015, March). A novel data mining algorithm for stereotactic body radiation therapy risks. Workshop session presented at Lewis University Scholars’ Luncheon Research Presentation series.

Surucu, M., Shah, K., Mescioglu, I., (2015, February). Why are volume reduction in primary tumors and nodes different during chemoradiotherapy of head and neck cancer? Conference presentation at 2015 Annual Meeting of American Society for Radiation Oncology.


Surucu, M., Mescioglu, I (2015). Decision trees predicting tumor shrinkage for head and neck cancer: Implications for adaptive radiotherapy. Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment, forthcoming.

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