Dr. Erik Baker

Associate Professor, Aviation and Transportation

Ph.D., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2017
M.S., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2009
B.S., United States Naval Academy, 1995

Exceptional Service:
Editorial Board, Collegiate Aviation Review International (CARi), the peer reviewed journal of the University Aviation Association (UAA)

Reviewer, International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics, and Aerospace (IJAAA), peer reviewed journal of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide

Co-Director, Doherty Center for Aviation and Health Research, Lewis University

Celebration of Scholarship:
The Future Market for Large Unmanned Cargo Aircraft in the National Airspace System
Graduate Student Project in Business

Noise Reduction in Aviation Headsets
Graduate Student Project in Math & Science

Flight Attendant Turbulence Injury Mitigation at Part 121 Airlines
Graduate Student Project in Math & Science

Evaluating the Impact of Shrinking Seat Size on Airline Safety
Graduate Student Project in Math & Science

Evaluating a Functional Aircraft Cockpit Display for High Altitude Energy Management
Faculty Project in Math & Science


Baker, E. R., Zahos, M. M., & DeMik, R. J. (2018, September). Mobile technology solutions for flight data management in general aviation flight schools. Paper presented at the 71st Annual Collegiate Aviation Education Conference of the University Aviation Association, Dallas, TX.

Baker, E. (2017, September). “Evaluation of OZ Display for its Unique EID Capabilities, Specifically in the EM Realm”, UAA 70th Annual Education Conference, Riverside, CA.


Freiwald, D., Lenz-Anderson, C., Baker, E. (2013). “Assessing Safety Culture within a Flight Training Organization”, Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education and Research, 22(2).

Baker, E. (2019). Comparative analysis of conventional electronic and OZ concept displays for aircraft energy management. Manuscript submitted for publication.