Dr. Eileen McMahon

Professor, Chair, History

U.S. Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race; Catholic America; the History of Ireland; the History Great Britain; American Women’s History; History of Sports in America, the British Empire, Native American History, and Illinois History

Ph.D., Loyola University – Chicago, 1989
M.A., Loyola University – Chicago, 1983
B.A., Loyola University – Chicago, 1979

Dr. McMahon is the editor of the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society and had also published “What Parish Are You From? The Chicago Irish Parish Community and Race Relations, 1916-1970; (University Press of Kentucky, 1995) and the forthcoming co-authored work with Dr. Ted Karamanski, “Northwoods Border River: The St. Croix River in Upper Midwest History” (University of Wisconsin Press).

She has also published “The Irish in Illinois,” in The Encyclopedia of the Irish in America, ed. by Michael Glazer; and “Irish Women in the American Civil War” forthcoming in Irish Soldier in the Mexican-American and Civil Wars (Irish Academic Press); and “The Literary Side to the Soxside of Chicago” Chicago History Magazine, Summer 2008.

“The Literature of the Sox Side” Chicago History Magazine, Fall 2008.

“Irish farmers in Will County” at the University of Illinois-Springfield, October 2008

Russell P. Strange Book of the Year Award, Illinois State Historical Society, 2015, for Civil War Chicago: Eyewitness to History. Ohio University Press, 2015, ed. Eileen M. McMahon and Theodore J. Karamanski.

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