Faculty Experts

Welcome to the Lewis University Experts Guide. Our database of experts from the seventh largest private, not-for-profit university in Illinois is available to the media through a keyword search, specific name selection or subject selection. Located 30 minutes southwest of Chicago, Lewis University is a comprehensive, Catholic university where the traditions of liberal learning, values and preparation for professional life give the University its educational identity and Mission focus.

Members of the media are asked to contact the Director of Media Relations at (815) 836-5711 or skonicka@lewisu.edu to receive contact information on these experts, or to explore additional expertise which may not appear in your search.

R. Eric JonesR. Eric Jones
Dr. Wallace RossDr. Wallace Ross
Dr. Laurette LiesenDr. Laurette Liesen
Dr. James BurkeDr. James Burke
Dr. Yann KerevelDr. Yann Kerevel
Dr. Jackie WhiteDr. Jackie White
Dr. Jennifer BuntinDr. Jennifer Buntin
Dr. Maryellen CollettDr. Maryellen Collett
Dr. Cathy AyersDr. Cathy Ayers
Dr. Natalia TapiaDr. Natalia Tapia
Dr. Bill ChuraDr. Bill Chura
Dr. George MillerDr. George Miller
Dr. Ryan HooperDr. Ryan Hooper
Dr. Mitra FallahiDr. Mitra Fallahi
Rick DiMaioRick DiMaio
Zachary BinkleyZachary Binkley
Dr. Dawn WaltsDr. Dawn Walts
Dr. Michael CunninghamDr. Michael Cunningham
Writing FacultyWriting Faculty
Dr. Piotr SzczurekDr. Piotr Szczurek
Dr. Ewa BaconDr. Ewa Bacon
Therese JonesTherese Jones
Jennifer BussJennifer Buss
Dr. James TallonDr. James Tallon
Dr. Mike CherryDr. Mike Cherry
Dr. Tennille AllenDr. Tennille Allen
Dr. Faisal AbdullahDr. Faisal Abdullah
Susan ShefferSusan Sheffer
Dr. Christopher WielgosDr. Christopher Wielgos
Dr. Steven NawaraDr. Steven Nawara