Doherty Center for Aviation and Health Research

Proposal Application Requirements

Research Proposal Format

  • Title Page
  • Abstract (maximum 250 words)
  • 3-5 page summary providing:
    Purpose and specific aims
    Background and significance to health and/or aviation
    Methodology (include a description of the design, sample, variables, measures and instruments, procedures, data analysis)
  • Verification of successful completion of required CITI module on Responsible Conduct of Research.
  • Human subjects’ protection (if using human subjects IRB approval must be submitted with proposal along with certification of IRB training) along with the certification of successful completion of required CITI training on protecting human subjects.
  • Cited references
  • Relevant supporting documents (attach copies of survey instruments used to collect data, consent and debriefing forms)
  • Budget
  • Statement addressing how this research will advance the goals of the Doherty Center.
  • Doherty Center Application Review by Academic Dean and Department Chair/Program Director Form
  • Biosketch
  • Timeline
  • Student Research assitant (if needed)
  • Consultants (if used)
  • Description of Facilities/Setting (if appropriate)

Project/Initiative Proposal Format:

Submit completed proposals in one comprehensive document to